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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

34 Days – Anita Waller

34 Days is a suspenseful thriller with a twist! When Anna walks out of her marriage with Ray, little does she know her happiness will last only three days


How much courage does it take to finally be able to leave? And when you are away – can you really be free? How much harm have you done to others – the lives you touched when you took that life-altering decision? Anna knows – now – but can she live with the guilt, pretend it’s all ok? Is it too late for happiness?


They sit at breakfast, Ray and Anna, with the cards to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary as an ironical token of pretences having kept up way too long. After Ray has left for work, Anna realises it is now or never: if she wants to be happy and free, she has to walk out. In a split second the decision is made: Anna is leaving her abusive husband, there is no need to stay together as their 3 children are grown-ups with lives of their own. Anna empties the joint account and takes her credit cards with her to walk out of her home and marriage. The first thing she does is hiring an apartment and buying her own tea kettle. Life is smiling at Anna and she’s never felt freer. Day 1 is just about perfect! It is the silence before the storm as Anna soon finds out after finally answering the concerned phone messages from her family. To her surprise, her twins Mark and Tim and daughter Caroline are aware of the abuse and accept her decision.

But Jenny, Mark’s wife, has quite another story to tell. It is only day 4 – the day that will shatter any chance of a happy life for Anna. Her carefree life only lasted 3 days. It is Anna’s escape from her abusive husband that triggers Jenny to open up to her mother-in-law and tell her about how she was raped by Ray in the days before her marriage to his son Mark. What is more, Mark and Jenny’s eldest son Adam is Ray’s son, a fact Jenny kept quiet about to protect Anna and her marriage. Now Anna has walked away Jenny feels her time for revenge has come and she is concocting a plan to kill Ray. What follows is a nerve-wracking period for Anna, who feels she has lost her chance of freedom; she is devastated to learn about the rape and the fact that her children were long aware of Ray’s abuse. There was no need for her to stay in her marriage, more so because both her sons have moved away from Ray as far as possible.

Even Caroline – daddy’s girl – understands why her mother needed to leave. Instead of enjoying her freedom, Anna is torn between acting like nothing happened and warning Jennie off. Will Anna succeed in persuading Jenny to stop seeking revenge? Can Anna really be happy when something so horrible has happened, when her husband Ray is responsible for the downfall of their family? And what about her, Anna, is she in some way to blame? She felt love once – before Ray. If only.. but she didn’t and now Anna has to face the consequences. She tries to discourage Jenny while at the same time picking up her own life. When events are starting to happen, Anna is only aware of two things: keeping her family together and pursuing her own happiness. When innocent lives are at risk, one lie follows another and the hurt is almost touchable, can you ignore it focusing only on your own happiness?

My Thoughts

Anita Waller‘s thrilling psychological novel is suspenseful and simply fascinating. I was drawn in from the start, felt for Anna and her family. This book is not what I expected, having read Anita Waller’s previous books “Beautiful‘  and its sequel ‘Angel‘(my review). This is completely different. I am very impressed by the book’s style. The title refers to the 34 days from the moment Anna leaves her abusive husband to that dreadful night – when everything goes horribly wrong.

About the Author


After a life of being a patchwork tutor, British author Anita Waller has found her métier in her lifelong hobby: writing. Her genre: murder and psychological thrillers.  ‘Angel’ (May 2016 – my review) is Anita Waller’s second psychological thriller,  the sequel to her 2015 debut novel ‘Beautiful’. Each novel can be read as a stand-alone.

Book Info

 Paperback   284 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books  (3 Oct. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0995511160
 ISBN-13  978-0995511163

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