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An Accidental Murder – J. New


When Ella Bridges moves into her new home, the Yellow Cottage, she has no idea that it also contains the ghost of a cat, Phantom, and something else.. before she knows it, Ella finds herself in a most extraordinary mystery in this charming novella, set in England in the 1930s, an introduction to the Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery series


A Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery #1

The Yellow Cottage is Ella Bridges’ dream house, the one she had seen as a child and spontaneously fell in love with. No wonder, even if she has barely moved in, she feels at home in the cosy island cottage. Is it because Ella had talked with the previous (and deceased) owner of the cottage that she is not scared when she finds out that the cottage cat is, in fact, a ghost? Phantom she calls him, quite appropriately, and Ella seems to settle in quite well… but then, events start to happen and Ella would not be Ella if she was not determined to get to the bottom of it all…


Ella loves her little cottage and is happy to be living closer to London, where her brother, Jerry, and his wife Ginny live. Jerry, an author, invites Ella over to lunch and Ella has soon coaxed her brother into admitting that he had invited an extra guest: Peter Clairmont, who works with the orphanage he himself lived in as a child. But there is also an uninvited guest to lunch, albeit only Ella can see him, Phantom. Why is the cat’s ghost present and why does it feel he is trying to warn her? Things become stranger when a little girl accompanies Ella on her train journey back to her Yellow Cottage and stranger things even happen. Soon, Ella is in over her head and determined to unravel the mystery before her but little does she realise the danger she puts herself in….

My Thoughts 

I love the awesome book cover, it drew me in immediately, the setting, the time… As one who is always a bit hesitant to read books with a paranormal thread – exactly what An Accidental Murder is – I did not know what to expect, but the almost matter-of-fact but highly entertaining and humorous writing style of the author makes it feel almost normal, a phantom cat and more… I love a detective mystery and the time it is set in, wonderful. The characters are engaging – Ella Bridges is an adventurous girl not afraid to get her hands dirty. Loved her sister-in-law, Ginny, such a colourful character! What more can I say but that An Accidental Murder has wet my appetite for the next book (a full novel!) in the entertaining, charming and intriguing Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery series!

The Yellow Cottage Mystery Series:
FREE short story prequel (
#1 An Accidental Murder
#2 The Curse of Arundel Hall
#3 A Clerical Error 
#4 The Riviera Affair – coming mid 2018

About the Author 

J. New Author Image

J. New is the British author of The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery series. Set on the fictitious island of Linhay in the south of England during the 1930’s, they are an homage to the Golden Age mysteries but with a contemporary twist. ‘Miss Marple’ meets ‘The Ghost Whisperer’ in this 1930’s British Mystery series.

Book Info 

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Paperback  120 pages
 Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (23 Mar. 2015)
 ISBN  978-1511413084
 eBook  3522 KB (Phantom Press (22 Mar. 2015)

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