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After the Affair – Jonathan Kaye

An affair ends in blackmail. A professor learns the lovely Nicola was not who she seemed to be. Now she has been murdered leaving him the main suspect.


A beautiful woman and an adulterous professor, a journalist and his ex-wife, a lawyer, a dodgy blackmailer. What do these people have in common? It starts out quite innocently but soon things are complicated. When love leads to blackmail and then there is a murder … If David Ryan had known flirting with the seductive Nicola would place him in the most dangerous situation of his life, he would surely have backed off. Now she is dead – murdered. The Police have identified him as the main suspect and his life is suddenly upside down.


A man trying to meet a webcam girl eye to eye is heavily punished for doing so. Even though they both live in Dublin, he has crossed a boundary. How does this relate to the story? Meanwhile, Professor David Ryan is chuffed to bits when his signing at the Academy Book Store in Cork goes well. The lovely dark haired young woman, Nicola, seeking his attention is also flattering. Back in Dublin, they meet again and that is when their affair starts. Ryan cannot believe his luck and somehow, the guilt towards his wife and their little son James melts into the background every time they meet up. But then a man confronts him with explicit photos of the affair. Blackmail. Ryan is not convinced Nicola would do such a thing and he has to see her, rushes to her apartment. An even greater shock awaits him when he finds her lifeless body there, covered in blood. He panics and runs. The next day, the Police pick him up as their main suspect.

Detective Superintendent Walsh is convinced he has found the murderer. Until a confession is found with a journalist who has committed suicide. He claims to have killed Fiona, the woman Ryan knew as Nicola. Ryan is a free man but his life has already changed: his wife kicks him out, he has nowhere to go. It may sound strange but this is when the blackmailer, Martin Hayes, comes back into his life. It seems the two of them are the only ones mourning for Nicola – Fiona. What follows is a desperate investigation, involving the Dublin underworld, the dark web (internet), a female lawyer and the webcam company we briefly encountered in the beginning. There are complications, friendships, betrayal and life-threatening situations .. Ryan has no idea he has walked into a lion’s den from which he cannot escape.

My Thoughts

Wow, what an exciting and enticing read After the Affair is! Love it! Even when you know something must be ‘off’, when you are still waiting for the plot twist to unfold, comes the surprise that blew me away! The author excellently describes his protagonists and how a life can be turned upside down with just one wrong decision. David Ryan is a man with faults who is to blame for having an adulterous affair, endangering his marriage. His petty excuses must be terrible for any wife to hear. And yet, the author gives him a vulnerability such that you cannot write him off as the typical ‘bad guy’. The character of Martin Hayes is also extraordinary. He is in some ways the opposite of David Ryan, the ‘bad one’ who uses people. But the author shows us where he is coming from and that, despite his being a blackmailer there is also another side to the man. No one is who they seem to be and that is why After the Affair is such an engrossing thriller!

About the Author

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Jonathan Kaye is a stay-at-home dad who decided to write a novel when his son started school. The house was tidy by ten every morning so what else was he gonna do till, like, three? Apart from drink coffee with mums – which he is very good at by the way.  It took him a while to figure out the plot. He even had to use google to find out what policemen and judges and people like that did. Characters were easier. He just based one of them on himself and all the others on people he knew. Seriously it’s what all writers do. Why do you think Stephen King’s protagonist is invariably a novelist? Three years after starting out, he wrote the words ‘The End.’ It was quite the experience. Then he proofread and proofread and proofread again … but he knows there are still typos and he asks you to not be too upset by the fact.

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 Ebook   Kindle Edition
 File Size   1115 KB, 276 pages
 Publisher   Jonathan Kaye (2016)
 Language  English

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