Assassin’s Web – Richard T. Burke

Assassin’s Web is an intriguing and engrossing thriller following the dangerous implications and lethal consequences of Alex Parrot’s response to ‘What if…?’


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About the Book

I should never have read the note.
I certainly shouldn’t have logged in.
Now they want to kill me.

Schoolteacher, Alex Parrott, discovers a scrap of paper containing the address, username and password for a site on the Dark Web. He gives in to temptation and learns that the website deals in assassination contracts.

The Dark Web is supposed to be anonymous, but somebody knows what Alex has seen. Within hours, a ruthless hitman is hot on his trail. To make matters worse, the police issue a warrant for his arrest, identifying him as the main suspect in a string of horrific murders.

Unsure who he can trust, Alex must stay alive long enough to uncover the truth and clear his name.

My Thoughts

The blurb of Assassin’s Web drew me right in – I just had to read Richard Burke’s next thriller. What would you do if you found this note with a login code? Would you venture to search online? Wouldn’t you? Alex Parrott did. He was at the beginning of what should have been a long holiday but suddenly, everything turns into a nightmare.

From a respected citizen and teacher, Alex turns into a hunted man without a clue how to undo what is happening. Nor why he is being accused of the most horrific crimes. As if he and his family hadn’t been through enough already! With a haunting past, revealed bit by bit, and no way of knowing whether he’ll have a job or live when school starts again, Alex is in utter despair.

Assassin’s Web is a fascinating, gripping and chilling thriller about decisions made, about tragic events and the consequences, about fate. The shocking ending took me by surprise, I had something like ‘damn! If only…’ I have to leave it at this as I wouldn’t want to spoil the plot but trust me, my thoughts kept whirling through my mind once I knew.

What if…? What if we act on impulse instead of thinking whether there could be consequences – if so, will they be worth it? Even if there’s no apparent positive (this sounds weird when talking about it – trust me, read it!) outcome, there is still the ‘better to know’ question each and every one of us struggles with at some point in our lives.

Entertaining, brutal, a thriller I read in two sessions, could not leave it any longer as I just had to know what would happen next and, more importantly, how everything would come together – maybe a bit too neatly but thoroughly exciting. I felt a pang of ‘What if…?’ coming up but cannot tell you any more!

The writing style is engaging and draws you in, the author weaves his plot expertly and the result is an intriguing and engrossing fast-paced thriller.

About the Author

Richard T. Burke is the author of crime thrillers with a twist. To date, he has written 4 novels, The Rage, Decimation: The Girl Who Survived, The Colour of the Soul, and Assassin’s Web.

Richard also contributed short stories to anthologies by Bloodhound Books and Corona Books.

Richard lives with his wife, Judith, and daughter, Emily, in the village of Rotherwick in north-east Hampshire, UK.

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Book Info

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Publisher RJNE Books (27 July 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9781916141704
ASIN (e-book)B07VR5VN7H

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