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Audiobook | Candles and Roses – Alex Walters

Narrator David McCann’s voice takes you with him to Scotland’s Black Isle where DI McKay and his team investigate the case of murdered young women. 

Narration: David McCann


DI McKay #1

Alex Walters’ crime debut is an intriguing detective novel, set in the Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands. A young woman is found and it brings back painful memories of his own daughter for Detective Inspector McKay. A lost souls, that is what the young woman, found in the woods, is for DI McKay and he takes this murder personally. Especially, since the girl seems to have been a runaway from home, estranged from her parents.


DI Alec McKay and DS Ginny Horton have their case cut out for them when a naked dead young woman’s body is found in the woods amidst candles and roses. McKay, with upon his desk the open case of Lizzie Hamilton, a girl gone missing the summer before, takes this murder personally. The young woman is a lost soul, another Lizzy like McKay’s own daughter. They discover that the young woman found dead was a runaway from a controlling and dominating father and a docile mother. McKay does not like the father at all but to say he killed his own daughter? When another young woman is found murdered in a cave near the sea surrounded by candles and roses, McKay and Horton fear a serial killer is at work. Both women were runaways from home with estranged parents. After moving away from home, it is conspicuous they ended up just there. Why should they have come back, lost souls as they were?

Can McKay put aside his personal emotions about his own daughter Lizzy as well as the open case from last summer? McKay’s second in command, Horton, fears McKay is way too personally involved. Horton knows McKay needs closure, will do anything to help the lost souls, to somehow amend for what happened to his daughter. Finding the girls’ murderer may prove to be difficult and time is limited because if it is a serial killer, chances are he will strike again. With every new lead, McKay gets more stuck in the case and cannot help thinking of his own daughter. The dots the police are able to connect point at new directions, at horrible secrets and damaged lives. With the press upon them, the body count growing, will they catch the murderer?


If you want to know how a typical Scotsman talks, you have got to listen to David McCann narrating Alex Walters’ Candles and Roses. Loved the sound of the voice, loved how David McCann voiced McKay’s character. McKay wants to be regarded as a grumpy Scot and “streetwise metropolitan” from Glasgow and listening to David McCann’s voice that is easy to imagine. David McCann’s interpretation of the voices, both male and female, takes you right with him to Scotland – and made listening to the audiobook the more authentic. Do not think that David McCann’s ‘dialect’ is difficult to understand because it is most definitely not. The narrator has a distinct, clear voice that is easy to listen to.

There are 37 chapters in Candles and Roses – the audiobook. The first and the last chapter give information on the book, the author and the narrator. The second chapter is chapter one, chapter 36 the last chapter of the book. All in all, I loved hearing the Scottish voices and found the recording of Candles and Roses of a great quality.

Interested in the (e)book and/or information on the author? Read my review here.

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 Length  9 hours and 5 minutes
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (25 Jan. 2017)
 Language   English
 Version  Unabridged

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