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The Girl from the Sea – Shalini Boland


Narrator Gemma Dawson perfectly voices Mia, the amnesiac girl washed up ashore, What happened to her and why does Mia have these disturbing nightmares?

Narrator: Gemma Dawson


The scent of salt and seaweed. My throat, dry. Lips parched. Head Aching. My clothes cling to me, heavy and wet. Cold. Shivering. I can’t think straight.” These are Mia’s first thoughts as she lies exhausted on the beach. Due to retrograde amnesia, she has no idea what brought her there and no recollection of the life she led. She has yet to find out who she is…


As the young woman is rescued, it is clear that her memory is failing her as she has no recollection of what happened. Her amnesia prevents her from remembering her name and therefore the hospital has no other choice but to inform the police. Her fingerprints are taken and questions asked but she can provide no answers. Her body recovers quickly but what about her mind? When her boyfriend Piers Bevan-Price tells the police that she is none other than Mia James, she is released from hospital.

Piers is handsome and self-confident and has all the appearances of a man obviously enjoying life. Piers wants to pamper Mia and take her home to her elegant townhouse on the river. Mia feels overwhelmed by the life she apparently was leading. Somehow we, the readers, have a gnawing feeling that it is too good to be true: the neighbours Matthew and Suki are acting weirdly and Piers is becoming obtrusive, taking over every aspect of her life.

Mia is not having it anymore. This is the time to take control over her life again, especially since she has found out that she is a millionaire and owns a company. She is, in fact, Piers’ boss. As Mia picks up the pieces of her life again, the recurring nightmares with an angry woman looking at her, are disturbing. It takes a shocking confrontation with Piers for Mia to throw him out and check out the rowing club. There she meets club coach Jack Harrington, who wrongly assumes Mia will recognise him.

Rowing with Jack makes Mia realise she wants to become a rowing coach. Added to that there is her blossoming love for Jack helping Mia to recover, despite her retrograde amnesia. But suddenly all sorts of events start to happen, setting in motion a series of unexpected events. Shalini Boland’s exciting psychological thriller is expertly plotted with unpredictable and compelling plot twists you will not see coming!


Gemma Dawson’s narration is clear and enjoyable to listen to. She has that fragile note in her voice, a perfect match to Mia James’s voice, when she awakens in hospital and when she sets the first steps outside, back in her life after being washed up on the beach. You can hear Mia’s insecurity through Gemma Dawson’s voice, trying to find out about her life before her retrograde amnesia.

As the story evolves, Mia gets stronger and Gemma Dawson’s performance matches that perfectly when telling the listener about Mia’s inner feelings and struggles. But when voiced, for me it could have been a bit stronger, in compliance with the fierceness of her interpretation of Mia’s thoughts and deliberations. In all, I found Gemma Dawson’s voice pleasurable and the recording of The Girl from the Sea of excellent quality.

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 Length  7 hrs, 16 mins
 Publisher  Tantor Audio  (27 Sept 2016)


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