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Trophies – David Evans


Narration: Richard Taylor 

Trophies is the first book in ‘The Wakefield Series’ featuring old friends DI Colin Strong and reporter Bob Souter. An enjoyable and entertaining audiobook!


The Wakefield Series #1

Trophies is David Evans’ exciting crime debut. Detectives are my favourite genre and this one is set in the city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire. Behind the Wakefield Cathedral, opposite the city’s Town Hall we find the Wood Street police station. There we can find DI Colin Strong with his DS Kelly Stainmore and the team of detectives of the CID.


The place is set and the time is December 1999. A man meets his murderer – a murderer who is definitely looking for something. A month later a suspect of a burglary is to be interviewed in the police station and DI Strong is requested to sit in. What seems a pretty simple case turns into something else as Strong gets a shock, recognising the accent of the suspected burglar. In an instant, he is back in time and remembers the gruesome case of the serial killer the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’ whose first victim was found 25 years ago. Three more women were killed before the police realised that the sent letters and taped confession were a hoax. However, the accent on the tape was engraved in Strong’s memory and now he is certain the suspected burglar is the one who falsely incriminated himself on the tape years ago.

When the corpse of the victim whose murder we were a witness to a month ago is found, it appears that he had been hiding a box full of souvenirs as mementoes.  In the meantime Bob Souter returns to his hometown, ready to make a fresh start as a Crime and Home Affairs Correspondent with The Yorkshire Post. The first to reconnect with is his old friend Colin Strong. They start a query where each needs the other one’s information to put together the pieces of the puzzle. What was the murderer looking for and what is the connection between the voice on the tape recording, the suspected burglar, and the souvenir box from the murdered man? Will Souter and Strong risk their friendship? Find out in this exciting crime thriller that perfectly mixes police business with both Strong’s and Souter’s personal lives.


Richard Taylor has a distinct voice that is clear and easy to listen to. There are many characters in Trophies and Richard Taylor manages to vary his intonation and speed while giving each character his own voice. That is even more difficult because in this story the sound of a voice is extremely important as it is the focus of DI Strong’s investigation. But that works out well and I loved hearing the Yorkshire accents. Whereas Richard Taylor did the men’s voices excellently I was not always taken in with his version of the women’s voices, like for instance Souter’s sister Jean. I like Richard Taylor taking breaks within the narration at the appropriate points, adding to the joy of listening to this audiobook. It is a great audiobook and entertaining story; Richard Taylor enhances the Yorkshire feel of it with his matching voice. All in all, I have found Richard Taylor’s voice easy to listen to and the recording of Trophies of an excellent quality.

The audiobook recording of David Evans’ Trophies consists of 58 chapters: the first and the last chapter provide information on the book, the author and the narrator. The second chapter is the book’s preface and chapter 3 to 57 are chapters 1 to 56 in the book. 

Interested in the (e)book and/or information on the author? Read my review here.

Audiobook Info

 Length  9 hrs, 23 mins
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (12 Oct. 2016)
 Language   English
 Version  Unabridged

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