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Audiobook | Frailty – Betsy Reavley

 Listen to Ally Murphy’s excellent voicing of Frailty, the chilling psychological thriller by Bloodhound Books’ masterful author of suspense Betsy Reavley

Narrator: Ally Murphy


I’m absolutely shattered to pieces. This is not what I want – not how it should end – it’s a devastating and emotional ride. To listen to Betsy Reavley’s chilling and captivating psychological thriller is something that will haunt me. How can I lose the voice of the little girl swirling around my horrified brain? Are you willing to take the risk, to jeopardise your peace of mind and listen to Ally Murphy? Follow me and let me tell you something about ‘Frailty’.


Little Hope is kept in the dark, screaming for a mummy and daddy who are out of reach.  She is being held a prisoner, afraid as any eight-year-old would be, clueless as to why her mummy and daddy are not coming for her. Hope is brave and picturing her happy moments to feel better despite the dark world engulfing her. She experiences difficulty moving and discovers to her horror she’s chained to a wall. One day Hope feels someone else’s presence in her darkness, she tries to reach out when she hears a girl’s voice belonging to the seven-year-old Zoe. Zoe tells Hope she has been a long time in that cellar-like prison, the chains on her ankles are preventing her too from moving around. She’s terrified and crying. Hope talks to Zoe to soothe her as the girls are so lonely and scared. They want to feel each others’ presence, they endeavour to move towards each other’s voice until their fingers touch and each girl can hold the other’s hand.

Meanwhile, Hope’s parents Libby and Danny are panicking because their eldest daughter has gone missing. They know they have to keep it together, if only for their other daughter three-year-old Grace but desperation hits when they realise they are at a loss as to what happened to Hope. The neighbourhood, especially Mike, father of Hope’s best friend Eva, support them but there is just so much they can do. When the shopkeeper of the shop where Hope was last seen is picked up by the police, Libby and Danny feel the investigation is leading somewhere but he is cleared of suspicion in no time. Then one of Hope’s shoes is found in a bin, owned by the shopkeeper and now the shopkeeper is arrested for abducting Hope. But still, after a month there is no sign of Hope and time is running out for the two brave little girls.

Follow Libby and Danny during their struggle to keep sane through the events that put an enormous strain on their marriage, their relationship with their daughter Grace, their parents and the neighbourhood they live in. And that is only the beginning of it – the horrifying events that lie before them and will change their future forever.


The heartbreaking part of the audiobook for me was listening to the voices of the two girls, locked up in the dark. Ally Murphy has done a terrific job in giving voice to Hope, who is scared and has no idea why she is locked up. In fact, Ally Murphy was that good that I had much difficulty with, for instance, chapter 15 and especially chapter 17, where Hope and Zoe talk about what they would want and Zoe says “a pet pig.” It sent shivers down my spine hearing the girls giggle knowing what will happen. Then there are the Chapters 60 and 63 bringing tears to my eyes.

Ally Murphy’s use of different voices for the protagonists is excellent and her performance great. You can recognise who is talking at almost any moment and that makes the audiobook a pleasure to listen to – even if the story is gruesome. Ally Murphy easily switches from one person’s voice to another; she has a lovely intonation and a clear voice. It only took me two sessions to reach the end of the audiobook as it was captivating! Furthermore, the recording is of an excellent quality. The narration follows the book exactly and is perfectly interchangeable with the novel.

Chapter 1 of the audiobook contains the audiobook information; Chapter 2 the quotes by Jo Nesbo and Voltaire (before the Prologue in the book) and from Chapter 3 the Prologue on, the story unfolds. Chapter 68 corresponds with the final Chapter in the book, Chapter 69 is the ‘Acknowledgements’ page in the book and Chapter 70 concludes the recording with the audiobook information. 

Interested in the (e)book and/or information on the author? Read my review here.

Audiobook Info

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 Length  8 hrs, 36 mins
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (10 Jan. 2017)
 Language   English
 Version  Unabridged


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