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Ceartas Creative Writing Group I Am… – An Anthology for Ceartas Advocacy

Various Authors Dark Minds – a Celebration of Crime Fiction for Charity

|  A  | 

Ahern, David – Madam Tulip Mysteries #1Madam Tulip

Albom, Mitch Five People You Meet in Heaven

Amery, Aysia – A Maui Mayhem Cozy Mystery #3 Mayhem on the Orchid Isle

Amphlett, Rachel – Detective Kay Hunter

Ashman, Rob

     DI Rosalind Kray

     Mechanic Trilogy

Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice

|  B  |

Barrett, Andrew – Eddie Collins Series

Barton, Sarah  Ladies’ Day

Beech, Jason – City of Forts #2 American Spartan

Bello, Antoine The Disappearance of Émilie Brunet

Benedict, Christine Anonymous

Bennett, Marilyn Granny with Benefits

Bethel, John David Blood Moon

Binchy, Maeve Tara Road

Black, Nicky – Valley Park Series #1 The Prodigal

Blackman, Andy For the Love of Grace

Blackthorn, Isobel A Perfect Square

Blake, David – Detective Tanner Murder Mystery Series

Blakely, Lauren – Caught Up in Love #1 Caught Up in Us

Blanchard, Lucinda Swaying

Blundell, Jason T. – Drunken Fool Thrillers #1 Fool Whiskey Hero

Boland, Peter – John Savage Action Thrillers

Boland, Shalini

Bracha, Ryan and Various Others The Thirteen Lives of Frank Peppercorn

Brodie, Allison

Bryndza, Robert – Detective Erika Foster Series #5 Cold Blood

Burke, Richard T. 

Burstall, Emma – Tremarnock Series #1 Tremarnock Summer

|  C  |

Cadbury, Helen – Sean Denton #3 Race to the Kill

Carey, Mark and Solomon, Diane The Ravenstone

Carroll, Justin

Hemlock Jones Chronicles #1 Hemlock Jones & the Angel of Death

      Everything’s Cool

Chase, Mark Drive-By Shouting

Chatterjee, Sunanda Shadowed Promise

Cleary, Brian The truth will out

Clifford, Nicky Never Again

Coelho, Paulo The Spy 

Colewood, MJ – The Chester Bentley Mysteries #1 The Last Treasure of Ancient England

Comley, M.A. – Hero Series

Comley, M.A. & Prather, Linda S. – Deception Series

Cooper, Nigel The Killing of Emily Chandler

Corner, Angela The Hidden Island

Correll, Kay Comfort Crossing #1 The Shop on Main 

Craney, Glen The Virgin of the Wind Rose

Craven, M.W. – Washington Poe Series #1 The Puppet Show

Crouch, Robert – Kent Fisher Mysteries

|  D  | 

Davies, P.A.

Davies, Suzy

Deegan, Denise

Dixon, Keith

Sam Dyke Investigations #1 Altered Life

Paul Storey Crime Thrillers #2 One Punch

Duffy, Lee The Dawn’s Early Light

|  E  | 

Ensor, Jennie Blind Side

Evans, David 

The Tendring Series #1 Disposal

The Wakefield Series

|  F  | 

Febry, Diana J.  – DCI Hatherall

Fermont, Hélene His Guilty Secret

Ferry, Julie The Million Dollar Duchesses

Fisher, Clare How The Light Gets In

Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby

Forder, Tony J.

DI Bliss #3 If Fear Wins

Mike Lynch Thrillers #2 Cold Winter Sun 

Fowler, Mark L.

Tyler & Mills #1 Red is the Colour

Fowler, Michael – DS Scarlett Macey #2 You’re Next

Fraser-Sampson, Guy – The Hampstead Murders

|   G  |

Gallacher, Seumas – Jack Calder Crime Series #5 Deadly Impasse

Garrow, Colin – The Watson Letters Volume 2: Not the 39 Steps

Gee, Amanda The Fox in the Box  *Children’s Book*

Gisby, Brendan Venetian Lives *Novella*

Grand, Mary

Green, Linda While my eyes were closed

Greenwood, Kerry Miss Phryne Fisher and Happy Ever After *Book&Film*

Greenwood, Ross

Griffiths-Jones, A.J. The Seasiders

|  H  |

Hames, Joel – Sam Williams #2 No One Will Hear

Hammersley, Heleyne Fracture

Hanks, Tom Uncommon Type

Hannah, Sophie – New Hercule Poirot #1 The Monogram Murders

Harper, Peter Cascade

Hart, Craig A. – The Shelby Alexander Thrillers

Henry, Jena C. The Golden Age of Charli: RSVP

Hixson, Andrew  The John Handful Books

Hocking, Maria Strip Naked and Re-Dress with Happiness

Hodge, Sibel Duplicity

Hollingdrake, Malcolm 

Hollins, Pierre The Karma Farmers

Holloway, G.K. 1066: What Fates Impose

Holmes, Ellie The Flower Seller

Holten, Noelle – Maggie Jamieson Crime Thrillers #1 Dead Inside

Hughes, Alrene The Girl in the Pink Raincoat

Hunter, K.S. Just One Time

Hyde, Adrian Kingmaker

Hyde, Dale Brendan The Ink Run

|  I & J  |

Ishiguro, Kazuo Remains of the Day & Never Let You Go *Book&Film*

Jakeman, Jo Sticks and Stones

Jamali, Shervin

      The Michael Saga

      Remember *Novella*

James, Maggie After She’s Gone

Jarvis, Olly Cut-Throat Defence 

Jennings, Kerensa Seas of Snow

Johnson, Matt – Robert Finlay Series #1 Wicked Game

Johnson, Katharine The Silence

Jones, Alan Bloq

Jordan, Eva All the Colours in Between

|  K  | 

Kasasian, M.R.C. The Gower Street Detective

Kaye, Jonathan After the Affair

Keith, Yorker The Other La Bohème 

Kelleher, Casey The Betrayed

Kitti, Marko – Jesper Jinx Series #1 Jesper Jinx *Children’s Book*

Klefstad, Dan Shepherd & the Professor 

|  L  | 

Landor, J.S. The Mirror of Pharos

Leatherdale, Paul Raven

Lee, M. Elizabeth Love Her Madly

Lee, M. Jonathan Broken Branches

Lee, M. Jonathan Drift Stumble Fall

Leuschel, Helene Manipulated Lives

Leuschel, Helene My Sweet Friend  *Novella*

Lindgren, Astrid The Brothers Lionheart *Children’s Book*

Lynes, S.E. (Susie)The Housewarming

Lyons, Tara

      DI Hamilton

Lythell, Jane – Storyworld #2 Behind Her Back

|  M  |

Mackintosh, Claire  I Let You Go

MacLeary, Claire Cross Purpose

Mayes, S.D. Letters to the Pianist

McGinty, Rose  Electric Souk

McMaster, Kathryn – Kids Who Kill Case 4: Sandy Charles

Middleton, Kath Beneath the Ink *Novella*

Miller II, Sam B. The Origin of F.O.R.C.E.

* GJ Minett – Lie in Wait

* GJ Minett – The Hidden Legacy

* Mistry, Liz – Unquiet Souls

* Mitchell, Caroline – Sleep Tight – Detective Ruby Preston Crime Thriller Series #2

* Moffatt, Virginia – Echo Hall

* Morgan, A.B. – A Justifiable Madness

* Mulisch, Harry – Discovery of Heaven

Mullen, Owen

Charlie Cameron

Vincent Delaney

Mullins, Louise

* Murphy, Peter – Judge Walden Back in Session – Walden of Bermondsey #2

|  N  | 

* Nair, S.R. – A Perfect Murder and Other Stories

* New, J. – An Accidental Murder *Novella*

* Newbound, Netta – The Watcher

* Noble, Dianne – A Hundred Hands

* Noble, Dianne – Oppression

|  O  |

* Oates, Jonnie – Wisdom for my Son and Daughter

Ody, Jim – The Place That Never Existed

* O’Loughlin, Ann – The Ballroom Café

* Osborne, Abigail – The Puppet Master

* Ostrow, Lonnie – Poet of the Wrong Generation

|  P & Q  |

* Panettiere, Vincent – A Woman to Blame

* Parks. S.J. – Made in Japan

Peacock, A.M. – DCI Jack Lambert Series

* Penney, Ed – The Girl with the White Flag

* Penultimate Man, the – Malcolm Hollingdrake – *Short Story for Charity*

Pettinger, Mark – The Decalogue – DCI Priest #1

* Pettinger, Mark – Tick Tock Time’s Up – DCI Priest #2

Philpott, Derek & Dave Dear Mr Pop Star

* Pochettino, Paolo & Ridinger, Gayle – The Secret Price of History

*  Prather, Linda S. – Innocent Blood – Redmond Investigations #2

* Prather, Linda S. & Comley, M.A. – Tragic Deception – Deception Series #1

* Prather, Linda S. & Comley, M.A. – Sinful Deception – Deception Series #2

|  R  | 

* Reavley, Betsy – Frailty

* Reavley, Betsy – Frailty *Audiobook*

* Reavley, Betsy – Pressure

* Richardson, A.H. – Murder in Little Shendon – A Hazlitt-Brandon Murder Mystery #

* Richardson, KA – I’ve Been Watching You – North East Police Series #2

* Richardson, KA – Time to Play – North East Police Series #3

*  Richardson, KA – Watch You Burn – North East Police Series #4

Ridinger, Gayle – The Shadow Wife

* Ridinger, Gayle & Pochettino, Paolo – Secret Price of History

* Rigby, Kate – Did You Whisper Back?

* Riley, Cassandra – Reflections 

* Robinson, Tammy – Charlie and Pearl

Rooney, Sally Normal People

* Roughley, Robin – Keep You Near – DS Marnie Hammond #1

* Roughley, Robin – Cut the Threads – DS Marnie Hammond #2

* Roscow, Malcolm J. – The Kiplock Affair

* Rossi, Luca – The Branches of Time 

* Ruth, Jan – Away for Christmas *Novella*

Ryan, Richard T. – Sherlock Holmes Adventures

Ryan, William – The Constant Soldier

|  S  | 

* Sahno, Michael J. – Brothers’ Hand

Scott, E.G. – The Woman Inside

* Shackelford, Larry D. – The Keresa Headdress

Shenoy, Sharmishtha – The Vikram Rana Series

  • #3 Behind the Scenes

* Sherratt, Mel – Don’t Look Behind You – Detective Eden Berrisford Crime Series #2

* Shorney, J.M. – Dangerous Cargo – Aidan McRaney Crime Thriller #4

* Sinclair, Rob – Dark Fragments

* Sinclair, Rob – The Red Cobra – John Ryker Thriller #1

* Smith, Angie – The Spy Who Chipped The China Teacup

* Smith, Graham – No Comment – DI Harry Evans *Novella*

* Smith, Graham – When the Waters Recede – DI Harry Evans #6

* Smith, Graham – Watching the Bodies – A Jake Boulder Thriller #1

* Smith, Graham – The Kindred Killers – A Jake Boulder Thriller #2

* Smith, Graham – Past Echoes – A Jake Boulder Thriller #3

* Solomon, Diane and Carey, Mark – The Ravenstone: The Secret of Ninham Mountain 

* Staalesen, Gunnar – Wolves in the Dark – Varg Veum #21

* Stanton, Dave – Blind Luck – Dan Reno #2

* Steadman, Bernie – Death in the Woods – A West Country Crime Mystery #1

Steadman, Bernie – Death on Dartmoor – A West Count y Crime Mystery #2

* Steadman, Bernie – Death on the Coast – A West Country Crime Mystery #3

* Swykert, D.J. – Maggie Elizabeth Harrington

* Sylvester, Maxine – Ronaldo The Reindeer Flying Academy *Children’s Book*

|  T  | 

* Talbot, Morgan C. – Smugglers and Scones – Moorehaven Mysteries #1

* Thompson, Daniel – The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale *Children’s Book*

* Thompson, Scott – Eight Days

* Tidy, Oliver – Bad Sons – A Booker & Cash Story #1 

* Tidy, Oliver – He Made Me – A Booker & Cash Story #2

* Tidy, Oliver – Poor Hands – A Booker & Cash Story #3

* Tidy, Oliver – The Fallen Agent – Jess Albion #1

* Tidy, Oliver – The Prole Soldier – Rainbow City #1

* Tilbury, Mark – The Abattoir of Dreams

* Tilbury, Mark – The Key to Death’s Door

* Tilbury, Mark – The Liar’s Promise

|  U &  V  | 

* Videcette, David – The Theseus Paradox – Detective Jake Flannagan #1

* Videcette, David – The Detriment = Detective Jake Flannagan #2

* Vollhardt, Isabeau – The Casebook of Elisha Grey

|  W & X  | 

Waller, Anita

Walters, Alex – DI McKay Series

Walters, Minette The Ice House

Ward, Jacqueline Perfect Ten

Whittle, Richard The Man Who Played Trains

Williams, Will The Effortless Mind

Wilson, CP (Mark) – Tequila Mockingbird #1 Ice Cold Alice 

Wise, Louise Wide Awake Asleep

|  Y & Z  | 

Young Spyro, Lynda There is Always More to Say

Zahno, Kamila Chasing Ghosts

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