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Away for Christmas – Jan Ruth


When aspiring author Jonathan quits his job on the spur of the moment he grabs the opportunity of a lifetime to become the owner of a quirky, Dickensian, bookstore


Perhaps quitting your job before the Christmas holiday is not such a great idea. And perhaps Jonathan should have consulted his girlfriend, Catherine, but somehow, he does not find the courage to do so. Christmas for him and Catherine means, going away for a few days with their ‘Christmas-friends’, the two couples they meet up with only once a year. Jonathan struggles to keep up his spirits: his book is going nowhere and his publisher is not responding very much. Not the best way to start the festive season…


The last thing Jonathan wants to do is to go away for Christmas, as they usually do with their friends. Can you even call them friends when you meet up once a year based on the common ground of having no children? Perhaps Jonathan feels a cheater as he does have a daughter, Lizzy, who lives with his ex-wife Denise. On the other hand, among them is Sue, who has successfully self-published a book. Jonathan feels a pang of envy when she tells him about it as he feels to have reached a dead end with his publisher. On top of that, his relationship with Catherine is close to a break-up, his ex-wife is nagging him, he is an almost invisible father to his daughter, Lizzie, and he lacks the inspiration to finish his books. Then there is the old neglected bookstore which Jonathan would love to recreate into a stunning bookshop…

My Thoughts 

What a charming little story is Away for Christmas! I thought Jonathan was rather selfish and self-absorbed but the little town, the lovely bookshop, the Christmassy feel.. just perfect! Why would you go away when you live in such a beautiful coastal town? I would not! The author has created true-to-life characters and I loved Lizzy – what a refreshingly charming and determined young lady. She does not care about money or appearances, she wants to create a better world and is fully determined to make it happen. Two pretty egoistic parents having a daughter like that.. they should feel so lucky! A Christmassy feel-good novella with a touch of romance (but not the usual chick-lit) combined with valuable and practical insights into the world of self-publishing.

About the Author 

Jan Ruth Author Image

Jan Ruth writes contemporary fiction about the darker side of the family dynamic with a generous helping of humour, horses and dogs. Her books blend the serenities of rural life with the headaches of city business, exploring the endless complexities of relationships. She began writing at school and won prizes for short stories and poetry. Both her first novel (1986) and her second, Wild Water, fell out of a specific category and hence, were unable to attract the publishers. With the advent of self-publishing opening up the market for readers to decide the fate of those previously spurned novels. Jan went on to successfully publish several works of fiction and short story collections and after a brief partnership with Accent Press in 2015, has returned to the freedom of independent publishing.

Book Info 

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 Ebook  Kindle ed.
 File Size  763 KB (107 pages)
 Publisher  Celtic Connections (13 Nov. 2017)
 ASIN  B076583YC6

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