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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Bad Sons – Oliver Tidy

Fed up with his marriage David Booker comes home to Romney Marsh, to his Uncle and Aunt, but they are nowhere to be found and David knows something is very wrong 


A Booker & Cash Story #1

When expat and English teacher in Turkey David Booker visits his Uncle and Aunt in Romney Marsh he has no idea what awaits him. Although they have expected him, neither of them are at home and worse, they are nowhere to be found. The next day they are still missing and slowly, David realises something must be terribly wrong. They should have been waiting for him either in their bookshop or in the apartment above. As soon as David is witness to the Police dragging a body out of sea, he is sure that his Uncle and Aunt are both dead – murdered. He also knows that the Police are not convinced of it and that is when David sets out to investigate. He finds Detective Sergeant Jo Cash on his way – and by his side! If only David knew he would soon find himself in life-threatening situations …


When David Booker finds himself on English soil again he is struck by the “dark, cold and wet” English Spring that somehow reflects his mood. Contrary to his expectations,  neither Uncle nor Aunt is at the airport to pick him up, so he takes a taxi to their home above their bookshop in Romney Marsh, only to find out they are not there either. Nobody he can ask seems to know where they are and with each day that passes David’s anxiety is growing. When he spots police cars and an ambulance near the beach his gut tells him the body in the sea belongs to his Uncle or Aunt. That is when he first meets Detective Sergeant Jo Cash who, unlike her superior, believes in David’s innocence .. at least, she tries to keep an open mind. David, on the other hand, thinks his Aunt must have been murdered and feels the Police are not treating the case as such, especially since his Uncle is still missing and the Police regard him as a suspect whereas David fears he is another victim.

David decides to take matters into his own hands. He owes it to his Uncle and Aunt to thoroughly investigate their disappearance and his Aunt’s death. The Police are not happy with David interfering with their case It seems there are more people who object to him being there and poking his nose into their affairs. Meanwhile, David and Jo’s paths cross regularly. When Jo’s boss finds out David is the sole heir to his Uncle and Aunt’s legacy, suspicions and theories are formed implicating David in the disappearance of the couple and the murder of his Aunt, especially when the postmortem establishes that he was in Romney Marsh at the time of her death. Then there are strange things going on in the night … Will David ever know what happened and is he able to find his Uncle, who is still missing? David is tired of his life in Turkey and fears for his marriage, but soon his fears will be more substantial and he will find himself in life-threatening situations!

My Thoughts

An unhappy man with an almost irreparable marriage who loves books and comes back to Romney Marsh to help his Uncle and Aunt, you have got to love Oliver Tidy’s protagonist David Booker! He is almost philosophical in his description of the beginning – where to start because all life’s events are somehow connected. David has the right amount of stubbornness and an attitude that you know will get him into trouble, but also gain the attention of the other protagonist Detective Sergeant Jo Cash. She is a great character and she can hold her own in what is regarded as a man’s world. I loved their interaction and the way they set out to investigate – even if, because this thriller is a first person narrative, we are witness to the action, the dialogue and everything else from David Booker’s perspective which gives us the benefit of seeing long before David Booker himself, what is going on. Although David Booker sometimes wants to explain too much and it is already obvious what his motive is, the well-written thriller is fast-paced and comes with an exciting plot. The story is intriguing and very ingenious and I cannot wait for the next Booker and Cash thriller!

The Booker & Cash Stories currently consist of three instalments. The other books in the series are:
#2  He Made Me (my review)
#3 Poor Hands (my review)
Each book can perfectly be read as a stand-alone although I would advise to read them in order as I always prefer to have some background on the characters.

About the Author 

Oliver Tidy Author Image

Oliver Tidy is a British crime writer and publisher, born and bred on Romney Marsh, Kent. After a “fairly aimless foray into adulthood and a number of unfulfilling jobs” he decided to become a teacher and, after having spent a few years in the classroom, he became an English teacher (as a foreign language) abroad. This is when he started his writing career. Now Oliver Tidy is living in Romney Marsh again, being a full-time writer  The Booker & Cash Series, starting with this first instalment and with the next waiting around the corner, is published by Bloodhound Books. Oliver Tidy is also the author of the Romney & Marsh Files books (currently consisting of 7 instalments) and the Acer Sansom novels, consisting of 4 books) as well as a collection of short stories ‘The Crime Writer and other stories: Ten Tall Tales’.

Book Info

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 Paperback  274 pages
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (11 May 2017)
 ISBN  978-1912175208
 Ebook  1975 KB

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