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Behind Her Back – Jane Lythell

Tales from the TV frontline!

StoryWorld #2


When Liz, the television producer of the UK’s favourite morning show, returns from her holiday, things have changed at StoryWorld – and not for the best. Secrets, manipulations, and hidden alliances are dividing the once so strong team into two camps. What will happen to tv-star Fizzy and will Lesley, the new host, step aside? What is newcomer Lori’s role in it all and how much do her marketing tactics influence the show?

With a scam builder, a teenage daughter who has a habit of blaming her mother for everything, an over-indulgent ex and.. a new love interest, Liz’s life is pretty full at the moment! She also needs to avoid ‘diplomatic’ incidents as to Fizzy’s private affairs and to top it all, someone is leaking all the juicy details of StoryWorld and its divisive team to the press… Follow me to StoryWorld TV Station, London Bridge!

My Thoughts

Who wouldn’t love to read all about the goings-on behind the scenes of a TV show? I would! I did! ‘Behind Her Back’ is a fascinating story of what goes on at the set of a TV show – and it shows that those stars we see on the screen each night are just human beings like you and I. The book is well-written and fascinating, the insights are brilliant. We are witness to a world in which keeping up appearances is important but which also includes bitch fights, manipulation, gossip and secrets.

Due to the many (some of which were a bit superfluous) details, at times I felt I was reading a biography rather than a work of fiction. Which also works quite well, seeing as there are so many characters – great characterisation, by the way, I could easily picture a few of them. Some I instantly disliked, some I empathised with, and some I just wanted to grow a pair! I admire Liz and would love to have her stance for being her own, independent self. She’s a hard worker and single mom and boy, does she have some irritating people (the all-professional but sneaky Lori to name one!) around her. Great characterisation!

‘Behind Her Back’ is enticing, entertaining, intriguing, fascinating, and gives us a fantastic insight into the (not so) glamorous world of television!

About the Author

Author Jane Lythell lives by the sea in Brighton, East Sussex, UK. She worked as a TV producer for 15 years before she moved to the British Film Institute as Deputy Director. After being Chief Executive of BAFTA and working at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, she now writes fulltime.

Her debut novel THE LIE OF YOU has been translated into seven languages and was made into a film in 2018. Both THE LIE OF YOU (2014) and AFTER THE STORM (2015) were USA Today bestsellers. WOMAN OF THE HOUR (2016) reveals life at the TV front-line through the eyes of producer Liz Lyon. BEHIND HER BACK is the successor, published in 2017.

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Book Info

‘Behind Her Back’ is available at Amazon

Paperback368 pages
 Publisher Head of Zeus (10 Aug. 2017)
ISBN (paperback)9781786690784
ASIN (ebook)B01NH9VLHX

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