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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Bells On Her Toes – Diana J. Febry

A lovely English detective murder mystery featuring DCI Peter Hatherall and DI Fiona William investigating the case of a murdered body, found in a burnt-out barn. An influential Earl, a ‘vile bully’ and an aggrieved horse trainer with his finger in many pies are only a few of the people we meet in ‘Bells On Her Toes.’

Peter Hatherall Mystery #2


All is not well for DCI Peter Hatherall, so much is clear to DI Fiona Williams. Her colleague seems miles away with his head and his bad temper combined with excessive drinking is getting on her nerves.  As if she had not enough problems in her own relationship! But soon, Peter and Fiona are in over their ears when the remains of a murdered body are found in a burnt-out shed on Elmsgrove Farm, on the estate of the Earl of Ditchburn. Tread carefully is the message from above as the Earl is influential and his upcoming Horse Trials quite the event in equestrian circles but Peter is in no mood to take these sensibilities into account…


Investigating the case proves to be difficult as the jockeys all tell the same tale – no one has heard nor seen anything and has no idea as to the identity of the murdered body. The couple living on Elmsgrove Farm, Gladys and Ben Halloway, seem to be having a troubled marriage and as Peter and Fiona try to talk with the lady of the house she appears … drunk which causes Fiona to feel sorry for her and Peter to describe her as ‘bonkers.’ To the reader, Gladys presents an enigma with her thoughts and behaviour. Back to the murder at hand, Peter and Fiona are nowhere near the truth and feel they are running around in circles… They are completely in the dark as to the victim’s identity as well as the killer’s motive. With Ben Halloway described as ‘a vile bully,’ environmental activists as well as devious actions and spying operations plus disgruntled workers and an aggrieved horse trainer with his finger in many pies, everything seems to be pointing at the world of equitation. Will Peter and Fiona ever find out what is going on before more people find themselves in mortal danger?

My Thoughts 

Ii just love this detective novel, a typical English murder mystery! The setting in the English countryside is lovely and the story draws you right in with its mix of police procedural and the private lives of the detectives, the two protagonists DCI Peter Hatherall and DI Fiona Williams. The tension between them and the complexity of their characters and what they are struggling with, it makes for a compelling read. The characters are not so typical English and each have their own background. The thoughts we perceive, interwoven through the storyline, makes the book more intriguing and set you on the wrong foot on several occasions. Alongside Peter and Fiona, we too are trying to solve the murder mystery and we are presented with the same facts as they are – something I love. Picture Midsomer Murders combined with Agatha Christie and you have ‘Bells On Her Toes’! Recommended for lovers of detective novels, set in the gorgeous English countryside.

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About the Author 

Diana J. Febry Author Image

British author Diana Febry calls herself “an accidental writer of mysteries with quirky characters.” As you can see she loves horses and horse riding, but also dogs, books, live theatre and the beautiful countryside of Gloucestershire.

Book Info 

‘Bells on her Toes’ is available at Amazon:

Paperback  364 pages
Publisher  Wings ePress, Incorporated (25 Oct. 2015)
ISBN  978-1613098011
eBook  936 KB (1 Sept. 2014)

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