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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Beneath the Ink – Kath Middleton

When Lisa’s boyfriend decides to get another tattoo on his back, Lisa tags along for one of her own. Her friend Megan is dead against it but even she cannot foresee the horrible future….


Jed, Lisa’s boyfriend, has many tattoos and even though Lisa knows her friend Megan is very much against it and calls tattoos “tramp stamps,” Megan’s furious protests only strengthen Lisa’s decision to get a tattoo – a tiny one on her ankle. It will be the start of something she could never have imagined, not even in her wildest nightmares…


They came in the night,” are the first words of the book – and we have to figure out who ‘they’ are and for what purpose they came. All we know is, that they came and then were swept away, rinsed with water. Nothing was left of them .. or was there? Oblivious of ‘them,’ Lisa follows Jed into the tattoo parlour dreading the thought of a tattoo but determined to go through with it. The tattoo should take about a week to heal and the itching will lessen, so Jeff tells her. But the pain does not diminish, the tattoo looks inflamed and her beautiful delicate dragonfly has .. shifted in appearance. How is this possible? When they go back to the tattoo parlour they soon realise there are many others gathered there to complain. That is not all… Before long, the situation gets out of control. Time for the Secret Intelligence Service, better known as MI6, to investigate.

My Thoughts 

When Kath Middleton, an awesome author, lovely member of our bookish world, avid reader and great book reviewer, told me about her novella ‘Beneath the Ink’ I just had to read it. I have never read anything like it – and I loved it! What a terrific thriller – it reminded me of Spooks and The X-Files, of the old days of espionage but most of all it is a heck of a read! It shows us the sometimes devastating effects of good intentions, of and horrific experiments and .. I am sorry, I cannot say more as it might spoil the plot for you. Let me just tell you that I loved this expertly written novella, a short but shocking thriller!

About the Author 

Kath Middleton Author Image

Kath Middleton began her writing with drabbles (100 words stories) and contributed a number to Jonathan Hill’s second drabble collection. It wasn’t long before she moved up a size to contribute short stories to anthologies. Shortly afterwards, she progressed to writing longer pieces and her first solo work, Ravenfold, was published to much acclaim. This was followed by the novella, Message in a Bottle. There are now several more publications from short stories to novels. Kath likes to put her characters in difficult situations and watch them work their way out. She believes in the indomitable nature of the human spirit (and chickens).
Kath is retired. She graduated in geology and has a certificate in archaeology. When she’s in a hole, she doesn’t stop digging.

Book Info

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  118 pages
 Publisher   Hilltop Press (5 Sept. 2017)
 eBook   771 KB
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