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The Best Friend – Shalini Boland

When the classy and popular Darcy, living her luxurious life, befriends Louisa, the latter has no idea that soon her life is turned upside down …


Louisa would never have dreamed that someone that classy and elegant as Darcy chooses her to be her friend – her overwhelming kindness is drawing Louisa into her life.

When you find yourself that perfect window of opportunity, why listen to the voice of reason? If something seems too good to be true – how far are you willing to go?


Louisa has it made with her loving husband Jared and their seven-year-old son, Joe. They live in a cosy home and Joe has just begun classes on his new school, somewhat of a stretch moneywise. But Louise is disturbed because of a man following her. Somehow she thinks she has seen him before. When Joe tells his mum he has made a friend in classmate Tyler, Louise is pleased. Tyler’s mother Darcy is very popular, she is classy and always elegantly dressed.

Darcy and her husband Mike live in a fabulous home overlooking Sandbanks Beach and the ocean. Darcy oozes luxury but at the same time is friendly and kind and soon both couples become friends. It is then that Darcy and Mike decide to help Jared setting up his own firm. Because of socialising with Darcy, Louisa stretches her boundaries by letting Joe sleepover on a weekday, thus going along with Jared’s ambitious plans for his own firm.

And yet Louisa feels “unable to quell the bubbling anxiousness”, heightening when Darcy confronts the man following Louise in the most menacing way. Louise is unable to comprehend Darcy’s mood changes and she feels something is afoot. Jared however, is fed up with Louisa questioning everything, her friendship with Darcy, Mike’s support to his new business and their plans for the future.

The reader feels the tension rising but there is more: an insight into an earlier life of almost 30 years ago, where a girl called Nicole and her little brother struggle to cope, having an alcoholic mother and being physically abused. How do these stories relate to what is happening thirty years later? There must be a connection but it is yet not revealed.

Meanwhile, Louisa is a bundle of nerves and feels her life is slipping away from her as one event after another takes place. She knows she must regain control of her life again before it is too late…

My Thoughts

You see the plot developing before your eyes but still, are clueless to what is behind it all. Just like in Shalini Boland’s first thriller The Girl from the Sea, you only get to see the real picture in the final chapters. Where the first thriller left me (and I suspect many readers) bewildered at the somewhat abrupt ending after the incredibly ingenious plot twist, this second novel also comes with plot twists but allows the reader to connect the dots, which makes the reading the more satisfying in my eyes. Sorry, I cannot help it, I love my detectives and like a nice wrap-up in the end.

Shalini Boland’s second psychological thriller is suspenseful, slowly building up to an explosive situation. The writing style of this page-turner is captivating and you have to read on (I read the book in one session) to find out whether Louisa’s premonition proves insightful or a misjudgement of Darcy. The Best Friend is fascinating, thrilling and captivating.

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About the Author

Shalini Boland Author Image

Books and music are Shalini Boland‘s passion and she has always been a writer in some shape or form. Before children, she was signed to Universal Music as a singer/songwriter. Now Shalini Boland combines motherhood with writing fiction. She writes the kinds of books she loves to read herself – suspenseful thrillers and gripping adventures. Shalini Boland is a well-known writer of Young Adult fiction – “gripping adventures with a spattering of supernatural and a sprinkling of romance” as she calls it.

Book Info

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 Pages  252
 Publisher  Bookouture (3 Jan 2019)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781786815286
 ASIN (e-book)  B07LHLCD8Q

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