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*Blogger Recognition Award 2017*


Blogger Recognition Award is a lovely gesture to show appreciation to bloggers. Our passion is reading and writing book reviews – sharing the love for books

Thank you, Susan Hampson @susanhampson57 !!!! This awesome blogger with her own web has nominated me for the #BloggerRecognitionAward and I’m proud and honoured to be nominated. Susan, you are an inspiration to all of us in our #bookishworld with your enthusiasm, your love for books and your kindness for all of us sharing the love for books. I love your blog’s catchy opening statement “Each night I travel the world, I live in the minds of killers and walk at the side of heroes.”

Like Susan, I have never before been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. I’m thrilled to bits! Thank you all in our #bookishworld who make everyone feel welcome, who share the love for books and who give advice anytime someone needs a little hand. It’s a privilege and an absolute pleasure to be part of something as wonderful as that!

Being nominated means I have to oblige to certain requirements! I’m only too happy to.


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  6. Comment on each blog; let them know you have nominated them; provide the link to the post you created.

How did my blog start?

For this, I have to thank a few people: my lovely daughter, who helped me get a (temporary) job as a copywriter. When the 3-year period was over and the copywriting done, I was sad to let go. But at the same time, the inspiration to write was re-awakened! I loved writing ‘bits’ about books – yes, hence the title of my blog! – and decided to go through with it. Then there is my fabulous son, a top-notch IT man, who advised me to “not take any initiative”  and who helped me create the website to what it is today. I have taken his advice to heart but soon found out that the “do not do anything” only related to managing/updating/changing the website… He should have explained more clearly, shouldn’t he?! So sometimes I do have to get away from my computer (AFK = Away From Keyboard, another term I learned!) to do other stuff. Only to return to the magical world of my books as soon as possible!

Two pieces of advice to a new blogger

  1. Write for yourself – find your own style and write your review. Do not be afraid to ask others whose opinion you respect, to regard your reviews and give you tips. For instance, I learned how to better formulate comments or things I thought should have improved the book, were they present. And I learned to always end the review on a positive note. Very important, I think.
  2. Elementary, know how to say ‘no’. I’m not good at it, but having had so many requests that I now put a (temporarily) stop on the review requests through my website, have made me release that in some cases I should have said ‘no’. And stuck to it. It is a simple and yet the most difficult thing to learn; I admit, I am not good at it myself. One thing that can help you with that: put up a review policy on your website, in which you clearly state what books you do and, more important, which books you do not review. And your conditions. That way, you don’t have to say ‘no’ that often, because people already know your rules.
  3. Make use of social media. Yes, it is time-consuming and yes, sometimes it can be a bitch. But it can also be rewarding and give you feedback on your reviews, your opinions and, in general, the things you stand for.

Sorry, if you give me rules, I feel the need to break at least one of them!

Select 15 bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award

I love the dedication and enthusiasm of book bloggers! How to choose?

  1. Joseph Calleja of
  2. Caroline Maston of
  3. Joanna Robertson of
  4. Emma B of
  5. Linda Hill of
  6. Emma Welton of
  7. Emma Mitchell of  
  8. Michelle (Shell) Baker of
  9. Jessica Herring of  – she introduced me to reviewing audiobooks – thank you, Jess!
  10. Kate of
  11. Hayley of
  12. Gemma Gaskarth of
  13. Amy Sullivan of
  14. Sonya Alford of
  15. Sue Harrison of

Just to let you know: I think all you book bloggers out there are amazing!! I admire your insights, your efforts, your humour and the enthusiasm with which you write about ALL of the books you review! It is difficult to choose – and there are some mentioned already that also would have been part of my list, be it that the list might be slightly longer …


  • booksfromdusktilldawn

    Caroline you have such a way with words, I love the story of how you started your blog. It is lovely to have that support. You also have some tremendous bloggers that you have recommended, it is so hard because you just want the list to go on and on. I always read your blog and look forward to your next post.

  • Caroline Vincent

    Thank you, Susan, for nominating me and for those kind words! And yes, there are so many fabulous book bloggers sharing a love for books with a passion that is simply catching! Thanks again! I enjoy reading your wonderful and enthusiastic reviews!

  • booklover01

    Thanks so much for selecting me for the Blogger Recognition Award, Caroline. It means a lot.

    Sonya xx

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