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Blood Moon – John David Bethel

Blood Moon is a gritty thriller with gruesome details and a remarkable plot twist. What makes it more horrific: the plot is based on real-life events. 


Recidio Suarez has climbed the ladder of success and has recently purchased a wholesale food business next to his existing medical supply company. Recidio is married to Mexican (Caro)Lina, a stay at home mum of their two children. Life is smiling upon the Suarez family until that fateful day Recidio is assaulted.

How could he know that his life is about to take a turn for the worst and that he would need every fibre in his body to survive horrific sufferings …


Before this story begins, the reader is drawn into another, that of Marc Schiller – upon whom Recidio Suarez’ character is based. Recidio Suarez however, has no idea how a mugging taking place on an ordinary Friday afternoon will soon turn out to become his worst nightmare. Recidio panics because of the violent attack and the following brutal beatings. What do these men want from him? As Recidio is being heaved into a van and brought to an empty warehouse, he struggles to keep calm.

His ordeal is far from being over – in fact, the beatings he endured were only the beginning. What can you do when you have been locked up in a box for which you have to “say thanks“? In between the beatings and interrogations, Recidio has time to think about his life – how he and his Mexican wife “ended up in Miami to escape the violence in Mexico” to this current situation which will probably soon lead to his death.

We, the readers, feel powerless witnessing the cruelty brought upon Recidio. We are only too aware of the savageness displayed by his kidnappers to reach their goals. It does not take long for Recidio to realise the brutal men want it all: his assets, his house, his businesses. Added to them taking his life apart, he has a growing fear for the lives of his wife and children.

Recidio knows, if he fails to cooperate, his family will be murdered or even worse, tortured before his eyes. He cannot let that happen and knows he has no choice but to comply with his kidnappers’ demands. All the more terrifying is the fact they have inside information. Who would hate him enough to betray him? If you think that with the end of the torture the story is complete, you are wrong.

The murderous games involving dark criminals and Mexican drug cartels are just beginning; what follows has sensational plot twists and is even more unbelievable and utterly shocking!

My Thoughts

This was a disturbing and unsettling read. As I was aware of the protagonist surviving his tortures, I thought it would be easier to read about it – but boy was I wrong! I was impressed by the author’s character description of Recidio and the insights the author provides into his thoughts and feelings while experiencing the horrific abuse.

The novel can be divided into two parts – where the first part reads like a psychological thriller the second part feels more police procedural with a twist (it would be a spoiler to give that away!). I would like to have learned a bit more about Recidio in the same intense way after as during his kidnapping but understand the need to capture the many events to follow.

I loved the character of Nolan Stevens and his diligence in finding justice for Recidio. My compliments to David Bethel who succeeded in turning a mind-boggling real-life story into a remarkable thriller!

About the Author

John David Bethel was born in Palo Alto, California. He was a speechwriter to Cabinet Secretaries at the Departments of Commerce and Education during the Bush 41 and 43 administrations. He also served as a press secretary and speechwriter to members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Additionally, Bethel worked as a communications strategist and consultant; in this capacity, he wrote books, speeches, opinion pieces and white papers for various (inter)national companies.

As chief speechwriter, he wrote speeches for forums across the United States and throughout the world, including the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Council of the Americas.  John David Bethel has written both fiction and non-fiction for a number of publications including Miami Monthly Magazine, Smoke Magazine and Americas MagazineHis novel Evil Town was published in 2012.

Book Info

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 Pages  450
 Publisher  Tell-Tale Pub Group (29 Aug 2016)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781944056186


  • David Bethel

    Pleased you enjoyed the novel. It is indeed a tough story to read and it was very difficult to write about. I had to go places I had not previously explored in my writing to paint a picture of the psychopaths…to try and render them genuine and not cartoons of psychopaths. Trying to get into the heads of these despicable people was not pleasant. I was fortunate to have the cooperation of the real life victim and the private investigator who was instrumental in solving the case.

    • Caroline Vincent

      Thank you for your comment. The story is especially difficult since it involved real-life psychopaths, their actions and the consequences. As much as I hated what happened, it was fascinating to read and I was totally intrigued. Truly a remarkable thriller!

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