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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Dystopia

The Branches of Time – Luca Rossi

– This book contains explicit sexual content –

A wedding ends in a bloodbath with as only survivors Bashinoir, his beautiful wife Lil and Priestess Miril. Evil King Beanor is determined to kill them all. 


Can you live knowing that those who loved you never existed?”

Luca Rossi’s book opens pleasant enough – a wedding ceremony is performed outside, in the “pure white snow”. Best man Bashinoir is irritated seeing his wife Lil flirting with another man. Present at the wedding is the whole of the island Turios’ population, except for the priestess Miril. Why is only one priest attending and not both of the priests of Turios?


A happy occasion turns into something gruesome and horrible when all of a sudden a “shower of razor-sharp pieces of rock” kills everyone, splitting heads and bodies open, colouring the white snow red. Bashinoir is heavily wounded but acts instinctively and takes shelter with Lil. Somehow they survive the massacre. The priestess Miril ushers Bashinoir and Lil into the Temple, the one place protected against the murderous pieces of rock that contain dark magic and are sent by the evil King Beanor. Is it a coincidence that 2000 years ago Beanor’s forefather, in a cruel act of revenge, tried to eliminate the predecessors of the people of Turios? Those that survived 2000 years ago fled towards the Southern island Turios. No wonder Miril and the Priesthood of the Temple created a protective shield around the island and its waters, so effective that those from the North, from the Kingdom of Isk, were not able to pass lest they are killed upon trying. Obviously, that protection has been shattered, leaving the Temple as the only safe place on the island. Priestess Miril has to find out what happened, but it is necessary to share her insights and visions with another – there should always be two priests on the island.

Whilst the two beautiful women,  Miril and Lil, seem physically attracted to each other, Miril knows she needs to share her visions and capabilities with Lil to initiate her as a Priestess of the Temple. The shock is immense as Bashinoir, Lil and Miril, wanting to bury the bodies, find the remains gone and nothing to remind them of the earlier bloodshed.  What is the relation between this horrible present and the events of 2000 years ago? King Beanor is furious that there are still three people left on the island and that the protective spell yet again remains unbroken. No one wants to be around when he is angry – he kills, tortures and rapes whenever and whomever he feels like. No beautiful young girl is safe from being added to his ever-growing harem – where they are groomed to satisfy all the king’s needs. Now a new girl is using her erotic charms to control Beanor but will she succeed? One who can vouch for the king’s vindictiveness and cruelty is wizard Obolil, thrown in the dungeons twenty years ago and tortured ever since for failing his King. Obolil is brought back to guide the young wizard Ilis into breaking the spell around Turios. Can the insatiable King Beanor be stopped from raping and murdering?

My Thoughts

Many questions remain upon finishing the book, like yet undiscovered connections and characters the reader is just getting acquainted with. The explosive cliff-hanger leaves the provocative ending hanging in the air – in my opinion somewhat premature, I wanted to read on but found the book had already come to an end. The book is an erotic fantasy, a tale of wizards and priests with powers of travel both in time as well as space. There is romantic love, cruel passion and an insatiable king, both in his need for sex as for revenge and domination. Behind these events lies a remarkable theory of a power to enable changing the past into an altered present – creating another branch of time and nourishing it into a new future.

About the Author

Luca Rossi Author Image

Italian author Luca Rossi has a lifetime fascination for ancient history books taking you to worlds unknown. He feels books provide knowledge compared to nothing. His favourite author is Isaac Asimov, no wonder Luca Rossi became an author of science fiction and fantasy novels. After publishing ‘Galactic Energies’ a collection of short romantic science fiction stories (2013),  ‘The Branches of Time’ is his first novel, published in 2014. The second book in the series ‘L’erede Della Luce’ is available on the Italian Amazon site, but until yet not translated into English.

Book Info

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Pages 158
ISBN (paperback) 9781497438682
ASIN (ebook) B00L3PI7AG

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