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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Broadland – David Blake

Engaging, gripping, and intriguing. Broadland is the first in an exciting new detective series featuring Detective Inspector John Tanner, who, after a traumatic event, transferred from the London Met to the Norfolk Police.

Detective Tanner Murder Mystery #1


Jane Richardson should NOT have taken the towpath along the river Bure. It would have been fine if it were light still but the Norfolk Broads were dark and looked impenetrable. Jane knew she was in trouble when she heard a sound behind her. She did not expect to die that night – that way.

The Wroxham Police Station is not too happy with the arrival of their new DI but they hardly have a say in the matter. They can sidetrack him though and thus, Tanner finds himself put on Missing Persons.

No wonder the case of the missing woman lands on his desk. Tanner feels the husband is overly concerned about his wife’s whereabouts – who knows if she just ran away? All that changes though when the body of a battered woman is found in the river…

My Thoughts

Captivating, fascinating, a plot that draws you right in and doesn’t let go until you’ve finished the book. I stayed up late because I needed to read ‘just one chapter more’… Loved it! The characters are engaging – I immediately sympathised with John Tanner, the DI who couldn’t care less where he’d end up – as long as he did not have to face London again.

Understandably, the Norfolk Police isn’t too happy to be saddled up with a man who has no knowledge of the area – but boy, what a cold and heartless welcome speech was delivered! Puts you right there with Tanner though!

Due to the many mentions of a certain apple species, I did have to suppress the impulse to take his bl*dy iPhone from him and throw it in the river! Having said that, the writing is engaging and the plot well-conceived. I had to chuckle reading about DC Jenny Evans and her not-so-covert advances – give the man some time to settle in Norfolk!

Broadland is an excellent start to a new detective series, I loved the way the author set the scene and described the characters – you really feel you’re there with them. And you want to read more.. so bring on the next instalment, David Blake!

Detective Tanner Murder Mystery Series: 
#1 Broadland
#2 St. Benet’s
my review
#3 Moorings
#4 Three Rivers

About the Author

David Blake is a author living in North London. To date he has written fourteen books along with a collection of short stories. He’s currently working on his fifteenth, St. Benet’s, which is the follow-up to his debut crime fiction thriller, Broadland.

When not writing, David likes to spend his time mucking about in boats, often in the Norfolk Broads, where his crime fiction books are based.

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Book Info

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PublisherBlack Oak Publishing (5 April 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9781794439849
ASIN (e-book)B07MBTQ7LN


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