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Caroline Vincent is now on LinkedIn to connect with bloggers and reviewers, authors and publishers, editors and proofreaders in our awesome #bookishworld 


It’s Friday afternoon, almost weekend! I hope you have a great one! Here in Europe, the temperatures are somewhat rising – a promise of spring hanging in the air!

Yesterday, I tried to set up a LinkedIn account – and before I knew it, I had sent out requests to connect to lots of people! Before I knew it, LinkedIn took over all my contacts from, amongst others, my email addresses and more. Apologies for that! In hindsight, that was not such a good idea especially as then my account experienced difficulties and I had to temporarily remove it. So the connections that were made are all gone now!

This morning, the lovely lady from the LinkedIn Customer Support was able to help me out and I’m happy to say I’ve succeeded (I think!) to set up my profile. If you have had a request to connect and was not able to find my profile, please try again or let me know. If you do not like the connection or have no idea why you received a request from a crazy book lady/w(b)itch in the Netherlands – just ignore!

For those of you who would like to connect (I’d be happy to) this is me: 


As I am just starting to get the hang of LinkedIn any tips, remarks, or comments are welcome and appreciated!

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend – filled with laughter, love, and books of course! What else?!

Love, Caroline



  • Andrew Patterson

    Hi Caroline,
    I found you on LinkedIn and sent a connect to you (although your profile says the U.K., not the Netherlands?)
    As an author, I do use LinkedIn regularly and will be happy to share some thoughts/tips with you. If you’re happy to connect, then I’ll message you on LinkedIn (can’t message before we are connected).
    Andrew (from a rather warmer Australia!)

  • Jennifer Berg

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s experienced this sort of thing — especially since LinkedIn makes it ridiculously easy to raid not just your contacts, but everyone whose address your email has ever encountered. I accidentally pinged a guy from another state who contacted me once 10 years ago about a car I was selling. It took me days to remember who he even was. (Woops). It happens.

  • Caroline Vincent

    Thanks both for your reactions! Andrew, we were successful in connecting on LinkedIn – a bit envious because of the Australian weather (raining 24h a day now!). Jennifer, yes, in hindsight I should have first made a profile before letting LinkedIn take over – the first contacts before the mixup were gone afterwards! Whoops indeed. By the way, I fully expect to make more mistakes along the way. Try and error wasn’t it?! Best wishes to you both!

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