Caught Up in Us – Lauren Blakely

– This book contains explicit sexual content –

Valentine’s Day is coming close and what better time to read a sexy contemporary novel! Caught Up in Us is the perfect book for romantics and lovers! 


Caught Up in Love #1

Kat found in Bryan the love of her life at the age of 17 during a sizzling summer romance, in between High School and University. The love Kat feels is so strong that it defines her life from now on. The ensuing broken heart turns out to be an inspiration of creativity to shape Kat’s future.


Kat is 17 when she first meets her brother’s friend Bryan. For her, it is love at first sight. Bryan is 5 years her senior and has just completed University. Kat is about to begin her college years after the summer holidays. They bond so easily that it adds to their blossoming love – until summer is over and Bryan leaves Kate brokenhearted. She cannot understand why Bryan would act like this: how could he reject her love, throw it away as if nothing has happened? As if there were no deep-felt emotions involved? Kat barely knows how to cope.

On an impulse, she decides to create a silver charm as a lasting and loving memory to her first ‘Favorite Mistake’. The charm is shaped like a little film camera because Kat and Bryan loved to go to the movies together. From now on, Kat will wear her ‘Favorite Mistake’ charm on her necklace. The charm turns out to be the starting point of Kat’s jewellery designer career.

It is five years later when Kat is about to finish her graduate degree from the New York Business School. To complete her Master’s every student has to pair with a business mentor (an alumnus) to develop their own business goals and also be able to contribute to the business of their mentor. As it happens Bryan is an alumnus of the Business School and fate wills it that Kat is to be paired with him as her mentor.

The proximity of Bryan sets Kat’s body aflame – she cannot concentrate or think of anything else but his masculine body but she has no idea whether Bryan feels the same. Kate thought she was over him and moved on but her body betrays her and reacts to Bryan’s presence. To make things complicated, she has her business goals to consider: her dream of expanding her ‘Favorite Mistake’ charms company – as Kat has another strong motive to succeed and she is determined to let no one come between her and her goal.

My Thoughts

This contemporary romance is steamy, sexy and erotic. The heat practically sets the pages on fire. Caught Up In Us is an easy and entertaining read with characters that are passionate about everything they do. They know what they want in life and how to succeed.

Protagonist Kate is a rounded character: she is refreshingly straightforward and self-confident in taking what she wants (yes, you can read that any way you want) but also from time to time insecure and hesitant – aren’t we all sometimes in our lives?

That makes this light read very pleasant and the perfect Valentine gift. Fans of Danielle Steel will love the Caught Up in Love Series.

About the Author

Lauren Blakely Author Image

Lauren Blakely is known for her sexy, contemporary romance style full of heat, heart and humour. The author lives in California with her family and loves plotting her novels while walking her dogs. ‘Caught Up in Us’ is her debut best-selling romance novel and the first in the Caught Up in Love Series. The other books in the series are Pretending He’s Mine (Book #2) – Trophy Husband (Book #3) – Stars in Their Eyes (Book #4).

Book Info

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Pages 258
Publisher CreateSpace (1 April 2013)
ISBN (paperback) 9781483486

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