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Charlie and Pearl – Tammy Robinson

A beautiful modern-day poignant love story where Charlie and Pearl take the reader with them into their thoughts and dreams …


I’m touched and overwhelmed after reading this modern-day love story. It is beautiful and poignant and whilst I loved reading it a part of me wished I never had. Pearl is heartbroken after a love affair gone wrong. She flees to her grandmother’s beach house and it is there she meets Charlie: although of the same age he is of an innocence Pearl has not seen before. Charlie works in the local bookstore and lives with his mother. He is sweet and romantic and falls for Pearl the second he sets eyes on her. Only then he realises: she is who he has been missing in his life and never knew until this moment. Charlie is in love.


Pearl is recovering from a love affair such as she had never experienced before. Adam was charming and attractive and everybody told them they were a match made in heaven. No wonder she was totally into the man – even if he wanted her to change her appearance and perhaps her personality. No wonder, in the end, he walked away. Pearl should have noticed the signs but she did not until it was too late. After he “backed away so fast I didn’t understand what happened” Pearl finds out she is pregnant. After miscarrying Adam’s baby she sees no alternative but to flee the city and hide out in her grandmother’s beach house in the small coastal town in New Zealand. The house is perfectly situated on the edge of the beach with the ocean just outside and the soothing “sound of the waves breaking“.

One day Pearl needs supplies so she walks into town but once she has the loaded shopping bags in her hands she realises she is tired. That is when she remembers the comfy couch in the old bookshop and decides to rest there, even if it is just for a minute. Finding neither staff nor the lovely old couch in the bookshop, Pearl slips into the office and rests in the chair. Sometime later 24-year-old Charlie, who helps out bookshop owner Pete, discovers Pearl asleep in the office. He is completely surprised by the intensity of his emotions when his eyes meet hers. In his own words, he will “never, ever forget how I felt in that moment.” Where Charlie is positive he has met the love of his life, Pearl is slightly embarrassed but is willing to let Charlie bring her and her shopping home.

Pearl is hesitant, but Charlie is determined to get to know her better and to spend as much time with her as he can. His puppy eyes show a genuine concern for Pearl but she does not want to answer his questions so there is only one thing she can do: kiss him. Charlie is excited and cannot believe what has happened! She kissed him. Pearl kissed Charlie. And she agrees to go out with him. On one condition: they go as friends. They undertake all sorts of outings: from going to a cinema to a picnic on the beach. Despite the fact that they have fun and it seems that Pearl is opening her heart towards Charlie they do not go any further than being friends. Until the fateful day Pete dies, the bookshop owner and Charlie’s boss. Pete’s funeral is the first night Charlie and Pearl make love. What follows is not your typical love affair.

My Thoughts

I loved this touching and poignant modern-day romance novel! It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking – and worth your while. The book is well-written and told from the alternate perspectives of Charlie and Pearl. We read about their thoughts and feel for Charlie, sweet Charlie who is innocent at heart and has fallen so deeply in love that it consumes him. Pearl does not want to fall in love but we cannot determine which way our heart leads us. I love the not too fast pace of the book and the descriptions of the surroundings, the colours and smells that you can almost experience yourself.

For me, Tammy Robinson’s debut novel is a little treasure in between the crime and psychological thrillers I mostly read and review. To get an insight into how both Charlie and Pearl feel and how they each described events was also fun as it shows all too clearly that everyone has a different perspective on events. When Charlie thinks Pearl must be in love, we see Pearl giving another meaning to a kiss or a touch of the hands. It is beautiful and touching – more I cannot say for fear of disclosing the events to follow. If you like a modern-day romance with an intense undercurrent Charlie and Pearl is your next read.

About the Author 

TammyRobinson Author Image

Tammy Robinson is a contemporary author from the beautiful geothermal area of the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. After years spent working her way around the world, including on cruise ships and for Club Med resorts, Tammy settled back in New Zealand with family. In between her family and her daydreaming of adventures to come, after Charlie and Pearl she has written five novels to date and is currently working on her seventh. You can find her books here: Amazon UK, Amazon US. Tammy has no plans to ever stop writing as she enjoys the process.

Book Info

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 Paperback   252 pages
 Publisher   CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (19 Sept. 2013)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1492767085
 ISBN-13  978-1492767084

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