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The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale – Daniel Thompson

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Cuddle up on the couch,  gather your (grand)children around you and tell them the story of Elaine Gale and how Christmas almost disappeared…


Once upon a time, there were three children who loved to play in the snow. For them, Christmas was magical and they had made quite a list for Santa Claus. If only they could have predicted what would happen once they started building a snowman – or should I say snow queen… Want to know what happened? Follow me…

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Now Christmas is approaching we all are thrilled to watch the snow outside. It is that time of year where you just have to go outside, feel the snow and build your own snowman. Right? For seven-year-old Clare and her elder brothers, Daniel and Ben, this was about to happen on Christmas Eve, of all days! Could not Christmas start any better? They had to do their chores first but .. well.. there is snow outside! Let us see what they will build in their front garden!

Ben, Daniel and Claire set out to make a huge snowman – one who could not be overseen in Abblegrin! They rolled a ball to form the body – another ball for the head. But wait, said Claire, we have to create a story around this snowman of our own. A Christmas Performance that is what it will be.

“The snowman’s name shall be Elaine, and she shall be quite evil, and we, us three, you two and me, must save the village people.”

The boys did not like a snowman named Elaine but Claire insisted – their snowman would be an icy and wicked snow queen! Their performance should be ready to watch for all on Christmas Day. Little did they know what they had set in motion. How to stop the evil snow queen in time to save Christmas?

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My Thoughts 

The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale is a delightful book that captured my heart. The eloquent rhymes are wonderful and imaginative, I loved how it flowed and could only imagine how children would be captivated by the story. I had to read aloud the back cover of the book – what an enchanting introduction to the tale. This fabulous fairy tale is just perfect for the snowy and festive Christmas season for children of six and above, in fact far, far above as I am positive many adults will cherish The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale! Cuddle up on the couch, gather your (grand)children around you and tell them the story of Elaine Gale and how Christmas almost disappeared…

About the Author 

Author Daniel – Danny – Thompson describes himself as a poet, filmmaker, musician and all-around creative human being from Bermingham. His inspiration to write this book comes from his love for Christmas and his drive to create something to add to the already rich tapestry of the Christmas festivities. Daniel felt was really important to tell an original Christmas story that a new generation of readers can claim as their own. I am really proud of what Connor and I have created with this book and I hope you enjoy our work.

About the Illustrator 

Birmingham born illustrator and graphic design student, Connor Edwards, illustrates the book with his Tim Burton style drawings. For Connor, the book was an exciting project to work on because its quirky story and writing style really inspired his imagination. As a Christmas story, it was unlike anything already available, this refreshing look at the Christmas story gave him a lot to work with. Connor hopes you enjoy reading the book as much as he loved making it.

Book Info

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Paperback  96 pages
 Publisher  Carefully Crafted Media (31 Oct. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1999829506
 eBook  17932 KB
 ASIN  B0769Z6RD5

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