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Cover Reveal | Death Parts Us – Alex Walters

DI Alec McKay finds himself struggling to cope with his personal problems but if that is not enough he has to investigate the death of his former boss, Galloway, a man he deeply despised

I am excited to present you the stunning cover for DEATH PARTS US – I love it! The colours, the pebbles on the beach, submerged in the water, and the lighthouse doing its duty but standing lonely – representing perhaps Alec MacKay’s personal and professional life?

DI McKay is back in Alex Walters’ second instalment in his gripping crime thriller series, set on Scotland’s Black Isle. I loved reading about him and found his dedication to the work and his personal involvement endearing. In Death Parts Us, again McKay will find it difficult to investigate the case with an open mind: his former boss Jackie Galloway is found dead and McKay is the one who has to determine whether it is accidental or … murder!

DEATH PARTS US will be published by Bloodhound Books on September 28th.

The Book   

Twenty years ago, Jackie Galloway was a senior cop with a bad reputation. Then he ended up on the wrong side of the wrong people, and his career was ruined. Sacked and with no pension, he ends up eking out his last days on Scotland’s Black Isle, his mind lost to dementia, supported only by his long-suffering wife, Bridie.

Then Galloway is found dead. The police assume the death to be accidental until Bridie Galloway reveals that her husband has been receiving apparently threatening letters containing only the phrase:

DI Alec McKay is struggling to come to terms with life without his estranged wife Chrissie and is living in isolation on the Black Isle. As a junior officer, McKay had been allocated to Galloway’s team and has bad memories of the man and his methods. Now he finds himself investigating Galloway’s death.

But when suspicion falls on him and more police officers are murdered, the pressure is on for McKay to solve the case.

Why would the killer seek revenge twenty years after Galloway left the force?

The Series

Alex Walters’ DI McKay series brings us to Scotland’s Black Isle in the Scottish Highlands. Alec McKay has his issues – he lost his own daughter and his relationship with his wife is deteriorating at a rapid pace in Candles and Roses, the first book in the series. Alex Walters’ endearing protagonist likes to show himself as a ‘grumpy Scot and “streetwise metropolitan” from Glasgow rather than the “turnip-eating provincial” from Dundee he in fact is. The books in the series combine the personal lives of the police investigators with police procedurals in these explosive crime thrillers.

What Readers Say 

“An old-fashioned feel of ‘whodunit’, but with Alex Walters’ deliverance and Alec McKay’s determination in detective skills, this is bringing us the story in an edgy up to date chilling fashion.”
– Alexina Golding of Bookstormer

Praise for ‘Candles and Roses‘ the first book in the DI McKay Series (my reviewaudiobook review):

Candles and Roses is “a brilliant book .. the first book in a new series for Alex Walters which I am positive will gather quite a following very quickly, myself being one of them.”
– Susan Hampson of Books From Dusk Till Dawn

“Candles And Roses is a gripping crime thriller that certainly kept me on my toes. With a likeable protagonist, you can’t help but get drawn into his life and work and can’t wait to read more about McKay and his team.”
– Sarah Hardy of By The Letter Book Reviews

The Author

 Alex Walters Author Image

Alex Walters is the author of the DI Alec McKay series set in Scotland’s Black Isle—Candles and Roses and Death Parts Us. He has also written three books set in and around Manchester—Trust No-One and Nowhere to Hide featuring the undercover officer, Marie Donovan, and Late Checkout, which introduced DCI Kenny Murrain. As Michael Walters, he also published three crime novels set in modern-day Mongolia, The Shadow WalkerThe Adversary and The Outcast, which are currently being reprinted in new re-edited Alex Walters editions.  Alex has previously worked in the oil industry, broadcasting and banking and now, alongside his writing, runs a consultancy working mainly in the criminal justice sector with police, prisons and probation.   After many years in Manchester, he’s in the process of moving to the Highlands with his wife, occasional sons and too many cats. 
Twitter: @mikewalters60

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