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Cover Reveal | The Wakefield Series – David Evans

The Wakefield Series is back to stay! The first three books in the series, TROPHIES, TORMENT, and TALISMAN, have been revamped and look at these great covers! To be published Nov 1st, now available for pre-order! Come with me and meet DI Colin Strong of the Wakefield CID and his childhood friend, journalist Bob Souter. Mysteries, murders, intrigue, and links to a gruesome past.. a captivating detective series! 

Cover Reveal
David Evans @DavidEwriter
Orchard View Publications @OrchardViewBook

The Series

Primarily, The Wakefield Series became an International Best Seller in June 2017.
The Wakefield Series is a crime fiction series set primarily in Yorkshire, consisting of TROPHIESTORMENT, which was shortlisted in the prestigious Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger in 2013, and TALISMAN.

The series revolves around DI Colin Strong and his team of the Wakefield CID, and his lifelong friend, journalist Bob Souter. Their combined investigative resources and determination to get to the bottom of each investigation is what makes the Wakefield series such a strong detective series.

And… there is more!
You will be pleased to hear the next book in the series, TAINTED, will be coming in the first half of 2019!

The Books

Trophies David Evans Book Cover

Trophies – The Wakefield Series #1

From the CWA Debut Dagger Shortlisted Novelist comes an extraordinary crime novel that everyone is raving about.

When DI Colin Strong interviews a suspect on suspicion of handling stolen goods he’s convinced he’s heard their voice before. Nearly 25 years ago the tape of Wearside Jack taunted West Yorkshire Police and his suspect fits the profile.

Then the body of a known burglar shows up and a mysterious metal case is discovered at the scene.

Strong turns to his close friend, journalist Bob Souter, and embarks on an awkward alliance to probe areas he is unable to explore.

As the murder suspects start to disappear Strong must discover just who the shadowy figure inciting fear and panic amongst those he encounters is.

Strong wants to bring a murderer to justice and Souter is hungry for a story.

Who will get to the truth first and can their friendship remain intact?

Torment David Evans Book Cover

Torment – The Wakefield Series #2

A message left in error on a young woman’s answerphone is the catalyst for uncovering some dark deeds.

Three young women are missing; luxury cars are being stolen; and just what did happen to two young schoolgirls, missing since the 1980’s?

DI Strong and journalist, Bob Souter are drawn into murky and dangerous worlds in this second book in the Wakefield Series.

Talisman David Evans Book Cover

Talisman – The Wakefield Series #3

Following a fire in a terraced house, the body of a prominent lawyer, Charles Chamberlain, is found naked and shackled to a bed frame.

Six weeks earlier, DI Colin Strong is investigating the sudden death of a transsexual, left undiscovered in the bath for over a year. Initially, it appears to be a tragic death but one mysterious item, a card for the Talisman Club, is found in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Bob Souter, journalist and close friend of DI Strong, is probing connections between a developer and the council leader in respect of a controversial project when massive European funding is announced. Souter smells a rat and delves further into the scheme.

Is there a link between the bodies and the business deal?

Will Souter or DI Strong crack the case first?

And what exactly is the Talisman Club?

In the third instalment of the Wakefield series, the two men must work together to bring the guilty to justice before time runs out.

About the Author

David Evans Author Image

David Evans is a Scots-born writer who found his true love as well as his inspiration for his detective series, in Wakefield. Having written all his life, in 2012 he decided to go for it – successfully as the next year, in 2013, he was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger Award.

The Wakefield Series became an International Bestseller in June 2017 with success in Canada and Australia as well as the UK.

Early 2018 Disposal was published, the first book in the Tendring Series, a new detective series, set in north Essex in the 1970s.

Now, whilst awaiting the fourth book in the Wakefield Series (coming early 2019), the first three books in the Wakefield series have been republished by Orchard View Publications with brand new covers.

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Books Info

Trophies is available from Amazon:

Pages 311
 Publisher Orchard View Publications (1 Nov. 2018)
ASIN (ebook) B07HNH5FBJ

Torment is available from Amazon:

Pages 311
 Publisher Orchard View Publications (1 Nov. 2018)
ASIN (ebook) B

Talisman is available from Amazon:

Pages 335
 Publisher Orchard View Publications (1 Nov. 2018)
ASIN (ebook) B07JBYJBQ9

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