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Cut the Threads – Robin Roughley

Cut the Threads is a shocking and utterly dark thriller taking you along on a rollercoaster of a ride through minds most sick and foul with murderous intentions – but killing alone is just not enough…Will DS Marnie Hammond untangle the intrigue or get caught in the deadly ropes?


DS Marnie Hammond #2

The Prologue sets the tone for this disturbing thriller: a man is murdered in such a violent and vicious way that your breath gets caught in your throat. The victim would be so lucky if he felt like that – but seeing as the blade slides right through his throat… Upon whose orders is this man killed and why? Considering the mutilation and horrible death of the victim, it is no wonder DS Marnie Hammond and her colleagues think the murder is gang-related – and that this could be just the beginning…


Marnie Hammond is still in shock over the events in her last case (‘Keep You Near’, book 1 in the series) and feels unable to erase the vivid images spinning in her mind whenever she wants to go to sleep – the nightmares bring her back to the house on fire and the man, who abducted her little sister, sixteen years ago. As long as she does not know what happened to her, Marnie will never find closure and is sure as hell never going to give up trying. But she needs all her wits about her to find the murderer of the slaughtered victim – a victim, impossible to identify as the body has no hands nor feet nor, for that matter, a head… We know already the body belongs to a man called Tam Whitlow, in league with the savage mobster, Jimmy Rae. A man earning money with prostitution and drugs, a man no one dares to cross.

Jimmy Rae is a violent bastard, at the moment fuming with anger and furious with Whitlow for not showing – as he is blissfully unaware that Whitlow is no longer capable of fearing Rae’s revenge. Then there is Tom Conway, ex-military, a man who does not hesitate to use violence to extract information because he is a man on a mission in search for his missing eleven-year-old goddaughter, Rowan, and her father. Tom is desperate, the longer it takes, the less chance he will find them alive. As the murders and acts of violence pile up, the police frantically try to make sense of the murders and tortures before more mutilated bodies will be discovered. Marnie puts herself in danger against heavy criminals but she cannot find peace of mind, let along sleep, as long as little Rowan is a captive of evil criminals.

My Thoughts 

OMG! What a tense, dark and gripping read! I loved it and hated it – the nauseating images that come up in your mind, picturing the horrible and gruesome events… I cannot divulge too much as it would be giving away the plot but anyone who knows Marnie Hammond, is aware of what motivates her – what made her chose a career in the Police: the abduction of her little sister and the fact that she could do nothing to prevent it. Is it a wonder she loses it in this second book in the series? I can only admire her for her drive – Robin Roughly has created a strong, driven and tough cookie female detective in Marnie and I love her!

If you are going to read about Marnie, be sure to start with the first book in the series, ‘Keep You Near,’ as this book refers to it and it makes you understand Marnie so much better. To me, this second book in the series is a step up from the first and I love where the author is going with the series. Robin Roughley has expertly crafted his characters in such a way, that I empathised with a killer and oh yes, I totally fell in love with DCI Reese (#charactercrush). ‘Cut the Threads’ is fast-paced, action-packed and leads you astray in so many ways! This thriller is impossible to put down, there are killers and torturers on the loose and the book is ablaze with violence and cruelty – malicious, cold-blooded and venomous.

The other book in the DS Marnie Hammond Series:
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About the Author

Robin Roughley Author Image

Robin Roughley lives in Wigan in the North West of England (God’s coal bunker) though he hopes to one day be released for good behaviour. He is the author of eleven crime/thriller novels featuring DS Lasser. The novels are set between the run-down streets of a northern town and the beautiful yet desolate west Pennine Moors. If you prefer your characters to be flawed, with a sprinkling of dandruff and old www.robinroughley.comacne scars, the plots to be laced with dark humour, then you will find the DS Lasser series right up your alley!

The DS Lasser series consists of 13 instalments:
#1 The Needle House#2 The Way that it Falls#3 Tethered to the Dead#4 Twisted#5 More Equal than Others#6 Vanished Beneath#7 Riven#8 Bad Self#9 Crave#10 Moments Back#11 Conspiracy of Ravens#12 Dark Necessities#13 Living Ashes

Book Info


 Paperback  435 pages
 Publisher Bloodhound Books (22 Feb. 2018)
 ISBN 978-1912175055
 Ebook 2668 KB


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