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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Dangerous Cargo – J.M. Shorney

Old habits die hard for Aidan McRaney when a friend is murdered before his eyes. His criminal career is long behind him but dangerous games pull him back in.


An Aidan McRaney Crime Thriller #4

Dangerous Cargo is an exciting crime thriller that I read in one session as I simply loved it! When Aidan McRaney walks into his old pal Pinky Tanner, little does he know that shortly a drive-by shooting will end Pinky’s life. “It was the Widow” are Pinky’s dying words but Aidan has to promise not to tell the police. Landscaper Aidan does not want to get involved, his criminal career is long past. But Detective Inspector Langford has other ideas and before he knows it, Aidan is drawn into a dangerous game with a murderous widow, British gangsters and an American mafia boss.


Pinky Tanner is desperate. He needs to confide in Aidan McRaney but then he is murdered before Aidan’s eyes. With his dying breath he tells Aidan that the ‘Widow’ is behind it and that Aidan mustn’t tell the police. Aidan has no intention of contacting the police as his days of being an enforcer for a gang boss are long gone. Jeopardising his marriage and his daughter’s life, no way he would concur. DI Langford however, introduces Aidan to Nick Lombardi, a man on a mission. Lombardi chased after the notorious criminal Jack Lacey in his days with the Police Force and after he shot him, Kate Lacey (his widow) fled the country. Now she is back with her son and daughter and successful in her ‘line of business’. She keeps a firm control. “If Kate says jump you ask how high” is the motto. Only one man is qualified to infiltrate in The Widow’s gang: Aidan. His job as a landscape gardener is the perfect entry into Kate’s house.

Whether he has agreed or not, Aidan is already in the picture with Kate and it is only a matter of time before they meet face to face. As Lombardi tells Aidan the Lacey family is capable of “more nefarious and dangerous practices.”  Now Aidan’s family is in safety, his appointment with The Widow scheduled, a bachelor flat set up for him and the Aston Martin is waiting to be driven to Kate’s home with its extensive garden in Edmonton. Aidan’s mission: to bring down the Lacey mob. There are drugs and weapons, unreliable friends from the past, a lady of the manor who desires him and on top of that an American mafia boss with his smoking hot daughter-in-law. Aidan needs to make a decision to take a man’s life or be murdered himself. Then something quite unexpected takes place, bringing out the true colours of those involved. Does Aidan stand a chance or will he be brutally murdered, his throat cut like the undercover agent before him?

My Thoughts

I loved this fast-paced thriller! The book kept me up at night as it was such an exciting and engrossing read. The inspiration for this excellently written first-person narrative, so I am told, is Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’, but for me, apart from the lonesome house on the deserted Cornish island, that was somewhat of a long shot as the situation, thrilling as it was, felt quite different with lots of (uncontrolled) violence despite the similarity of emotions running high. I absolutely love the character of Aidan McRaney, according to the author, based on the “tough talking, gun toting gumshoe detective”  from the Raymond Chandler and Mickey Spillane books. To me, Aidan is a tarnished hero with his dark past, his survival skills and his deftness at blending in with street criminals and dressed up dinner guests. Dangerous Cargo is the fourth instalment in the Aidan McRaney Thrillers and the first I have read. It can perfectly be read as a stand-alone. I’m dying to read the other thrillers in this awesome series as I totally loved everything about it.

The Aidan McRaney Thrillers currently consists of 4 instalments. The first three are:
#1 Stalking Aidan – #2 The Devil in Soho – #3 Progeny of a Killer 

About the Author

JM Shorney Author Image

 Jean (J.M.) Shorney is a writer in the South of England. Jean’s books cover a wide range of topics, from horror to gangland, while experimenting with other genres. The modern phenomena of self-publishing has given Jean the opportunity to show her work to a wide audience. Her work has already drawn favourable interest from readers voraciously enjoying the exploits of her characters. Jean grew up in rural West Berkshire, which is a place rife with tales of folklore and lurid ghost stories. These tales ignited the writer’s passion for writing, allowing her to weave her own tales while absorbing books from classics to science fiction. Classics such as Dickens’ works were often given as presents by her family, while Jean sought out writers like Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, which were sourced from places such as the nearby American airbase.  Along with these authors, other influences such as Jack Higgins’ thrillers, and classic TV like The Outer Limits and Gunsmoke, really piqued Jean’s interest in different styles or storytelling.

Book Info

 Paperback   226 pages
 Publisher   lulu.com (9 Sept. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10   1326782584
 ISBN-13  978-1326782580


  • Constance Parrott

    Thanks, Caroline, for a great review of JM Shorney’s book DANGEROUS CARGO. I’ve read all of Shorney’s books and sincerely hope you get around to reading my favorite in the Aidan McRaney crime thriller series: STALKING AIDAN. This book details his love for family members and how they all continuously encourage him to stay away from a life of crime. Very real, in-depth characters whom I grew to love. You pointed out that Shorney uses a first-person narrative. Glad you mentioned this, because Shorney blew me away with her ease in speaking as a man. Her dialogue is realistic, terse and totally believable. Her writing awed me. Did I mention I’m a huge Shorney fan? Sitting here in Houston, Texas patiently awaiting Shorney’s next book. Thanks again, Caroline!

    • Caroline Vincent

      Thank you for your lovely response, Constance. I might just do that, reading the first one in the series as I loved the book, it was such a pleasant and enjoyable read! ❤?

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