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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Dark Fragments – Rob Sinclair

Rob Sinclair paints a vivid, intriguing and dramatic picture of Ben Stephenson and his growing anger causing outbreaks of violence and destruction. 


What defines a man if not the decisions he has made in his life? When you grow up with loving parents, a devoted twin sister and no care in the world: how did you become that man of the future, your present now, who ruins everything he touches? Do shocking events allow for a darker side of you to surface or is it your unique way of coping with grief and unhappiness? How far will you go in destroying the world, the people around you?


Ben Stephens had it all: loving parents and a caring twin sister, a good education, a steady job and a promising career. His marriage with Alice ended abruptly when, seven years ago, Ben “would find her murdered.” Now he has remarried and with his wife Gemma, little Harry and their daughter Chloe, they seem a happy family. But we are witness to someone, a Therapist maybe, confronting Ben with all sorts of questions. The questions give us insight into Ben’s life, into his marriage with Alice that was put under stress because of them not having a child. Is it because of that Alice has an affair? When Ben finds out he is livid and feels betrayed. In a desperate quest for revenge, he makes the decision that will ruin his life: to contact the gangster and dark criminal Callum O’Brady. We have witnessed Ben’s fear for O’Brady’s men approaching earlier in the book so something must have gone terribly wrong between the two men over the years.

With every Therapist’ session, the story of Ben’s life is revealed. What starts as a story of love ending with Alice’s murder turns into a tale of fragments, dark enough to negatively influence not only Ben’s but many other lives. There are loose and unexplained ends, like Ben’s estrangement with his twin sister and the circumstances around Alice’s murder. It feels Ben is evasive and lacking empathy in answering the questions before him and more and more we suspect there is a discrepancy between Ben’s version of events and the truth. Even more frightening to witness are the untold series of outbreaks and violence and downright vengeful events. a dark and disturbing violent undercurrent growing stronger with every chapter in the book. What exactly is the nature of Ben’s entanglement with O’Brady and why can’t we as readers shake that little voice in our head telling us that disquieting and shocking disclosures are yet to follow?

My Thoughts

I was completely drawn in the story that unfolded before my eyes and could not believe how someone believed to be a ‘normal’ guy could take such disastrous decisions. Nurture and nature – it seems that Ben had no lack of parental or sibling love and grew up in a stable environment… Rob Sinclair lays before us a complex protagonist and reveals, layer by layer, the inner core of his main character. I found this well-written psychological novel utterly disturbing and profoundly shocking – especially towards the culminating explosion of violence.

About the Author

Rob Sinclair Author Image

Rob Sinclair is a British author, who after finishing his studies, worked for a global accounting firm, where he specialized in forensic fraud investigations at (inter)national levels. He started his writing career following a challenge from his wife, an avid reader. He proved her and us, the readers, that he can write chilling thrillers, starting with the trilogy ‘The Enemy Series’, featuring Intelligence Agent Carl Logan. Dance with the Enemy‘ (2014) is book #1 of the series, ‘Rise of the Enemy‘ (2015) book #2 and finally ‘Hunt for the Enemy‘ (2016) the third book in the series.

Book Info

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 Paperback   301 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (8 Nov. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0995621217
 ISBN-13   978-0995621213

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