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The Dawn’s Early Light – Lee Duffy

Mike Elliot is evacuating personnel from the US Embassy in Tunis, among whom is his wife Lynn. When the plane is hijacked everything goes horribly wrong.


Mike Elliot Thriller #1

Tunis is becoming disturbingly unsafe for foreigners and the US government has decided to bring 150 of their Embassy personnel to safety. Mike Elliot is responsible for the smooth evacuation and as the Air France plane is about to take off, Mike wants to say goodbye to his wife Lynn who has just boarded. He notices a nervous looking Arab and feels uneasy. His gut tells him there is something going on. The next moment the Arab and his companions violently hijack the plane.


Before he knows it, Mike is fighting with the huge Arab but is hit over the head by Abdul. Mike is unaware of the fact, that all the passengers are bound to their seats, even the children. He himself is also strapped to a seat and it will take some time before he regains consciousness. Abdul, the leader of the hijackers, wants Mike to be killed but Abu Hassim, the huge Arab, told him “this man fought with honour… Our destinies are still crossed.” Mike has mental scars, so deep that it took Lynn all she had to help him. Now he is terrified he cannot help her and might even lose her, bringing back all his nightmares from the past. As he is bound to his chair he can only witness what is going on. The assumed Hezbollah hijackers are lead by Abdul and it is his “first major operation.”  No wonder Abdul is very nervous. Abu Hassim, the giant bear with his explosive moods, is not making it easier for him and challenges his leadership with his demeanour.

Meanwhile in America, Delta, a team of highly qualified professionals, are preparing a rescue operation. In Beirut, CIA’s John Striker suspects the Hezbollah is responsible but his bosses insist on evidence, provided by his contact Cupid. Striker fears Cupid is compromised but has no other choice than to endanger Cupid’s life one last time because if Hezbollah is involved then their infamous leader Scimitar has ordered the plane hijack. Striker is desperate to catch the men whose cruel actions make him a sinister legend both to his own men as to his enemies. No wonder the hijackers want the plane to land in Beirut but the authorities refuse to coöperate, forcing them to fly on to Cyprus. With every hour the situation seems to spiral further out of control and the rising tension is almost palpable within the plane where the passengers, including Mike and his wife Lynn, have no idea whether they will survive their ordeal.

My Thoughts

This is a fascinating thriller. The events are shocking and almost procedurally written down. There is so much going on that it is sometimes difficult to keep pace with all the names of the characters, their roles and involvement with the hijacked plane. I feel the author wanted to cover all (too many) angles. In my opinion, the novel would benefit from letting go of some of the protagonists thus narrowing the focus and concentration onto a few selected characters. The author has a lot of potential and his choice to give each of the hijackers their own voice instead of regarding them as a homogeneous group of terrorists was, for me, simply brilliant, heightening the atmosphere of the plane scenes. The insights into the working of the various agencies from different countries and the likeable protagonists Mike Elliot and John Striker make The Dawn’s Early Light an exciting read. I look forward to reading the next Mike Elliot Thriller!

About the Author

Lee Duffy Author Image

Lee Duffy is a former Army Green Beret and Ranger with extensive experience in special operations, counter-terrorism, intelligence, law enforcement, and security. He is retired from both the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Book Info

 Paperback   264 pages
 Publisher   Lee F Duffy (July 22, 2015)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0996605312
 ISBN-13  978-0996605311

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