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Deadly Friendship – Tara Lyons

Even on holiday in the Lake District, Detective Inspector Denis Hamilton cannot escape crime when during a boat trip on Lake Windermere a murdered body is found


DI Hamilton #3

A woman is doomed to die when she finds out her friend’s darkest secret. Whilst she exhales her last breath, the killer says “I was your friend. I was your lover.”

Is it fate following DI Hamilton to his holiday residence in Cumbria? He cannot understand why the local police are not securing the crime scene, but when the victim is examined, it seems there is a paper with a name in his mouth: Donna Moran. Who is Donna Moran and why is she connected to this murdered man? He knows he should focus on enjoying his holiday, but he would not be Denis Hamilton if he did not call his team in London to ask for information.


Detective Sergeant Kerry Fraser plunges into the life of the victim, the late Warren Speed, a London based reality TV star. However, DI Hamilton is more interested in Donna Moran, the name on the note, who must somehow be connected to the victim. Two years ago, Donna, a student at Brunel University, spent a weekend with her friends in the Lake District, exactly where Warren’s corpse was found. Donna went missing since and her case was investigated by the London Met so DI Hamilton feels this suffices to take over the investigation into Warren’s murder. Time to get the rest of the team up to date: his partner, DS Lewis Clarke, and the two new members DS Yasmine Dixon and Detective Constable Robbie O’Connor – also known as Rocky. DI Hamilton finds it important to get to know the people he works with to build a strong, reliable team whose members can depend on one another. That is why he has told them about the tragic suicide of his daughter, due to being cyberbullied.

Something is up with one of the team members but apart from the pervading sense of menace, we are not sure what. Meanwhile, the investigation focusses on Donna Wilson, why she went missing and what could have happened. As you would expect, DI Hamilton empathises with Donna’s mother and promises he will do all he can. But time is running out, the trace to Donna’s whereabouts (be she dead or alive) is now stone cold and all they have are the other members of the group of friends from two years ago: Felicity, Warren’s fiancée, Holly, Calvin and Todd. The group of friends, tied by events from the past, have no idea why Warren would go back to the place they were two years ago. Would Warren’s secretary know and where is she, by the way? As the plot thickens and DI Hamilton is nowhere near finding Donna, we are inside the murderer’s head and listen to the observations. The murderer is desperate to know what happened to Donna and as the killer’s gruesome method becomes apparent, we fear more murders will take place …

My Thoughts

I love the DI Hamilton series and I love Denis Hamilton, who he is and how he motivates his team – Tara Lyons has created a strong and yet vulnerable character. Deadly Friendship is a detective novel with that perfect combination I love: an intricate plot, a perception of the murderer’s motivation adding to the creepiness of the thriller, and an insight into the personal lives of the police team. Tara Lyons has so well described the scenes that you can easily picture Rocky’s infectious enthusiasm, Hamilton’s fears and regrets, just to name a few things. The author has stepped up with this third instalment and kept me guessing throughout. I think it is admirable that Tara Lyons does not shy away from social problems but instead, addresses them in her crime thrillers. I very much enjoyed reading Deadly Friendship, it was a pleasure to reconnect with DI Hamilton and his team in this fast-paced thriller that keeps you guessing until the shocking ending!

Although I always prefer reading a series in order, Deadly Friendship is perfectly readable as a standalone.
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About the Author 

Tara Lyons Author Image

Tara Lyons is a British author with a lifelong passion for English Literature, writing and reading. She started her writing career in 2015. With NY bestselling author Mel (MA) Comley, a friend and mentor, she wrote Web of Deceit’They also started an exciting series of crime novels  ‘The Organized Crime Series’ of which the first book The Caller’  is published in 2016. ‘In the Shadows  is Tara Lyons’ 2016 crime debut, the first in the ‘DI Hamilton Series.’ According to Tara, she is “writing, reading, blogging and enjoying every single minute of it. It’s a dream come true.” When she’s not writing, Tara can be found at a local Wacky Warehouse stuck in the ball-pit with her young, energetic son.

Book Info

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Paperback  214 pages
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (20 July 2017)
 ISBN  978-1912175413
 eBook  1110 KB (23 July 2017)
 ASIN  B0741KB51N
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