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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Deadly Impasse – Seumas Gallacher

When a love interest turns out to be a dangerous criminal, involved in murder, drugs trade and human trafficking, 
the head of the Luxembourg bank sees only one option left: to call in Jack Calder and his team.
That’s the start of a lethal cat-and-mouse game…

Jack Calder Crime Series #5


The phone call of her lover shocks Francine Louvet, chief executive of Luxembourg’ Banque Louvet, but not as much as the explosion in the bank’s vaults after. Xavier, her now ex-lover, contacts Francine again to explain that the explosion was only “a nudge” to show his ‘associates’ mean business. Time for Francine to contact the Head of Interpol Europe, Marcel Benoit.

Shocking facts about Xavier’s identity make Benoit call in Jack Calder and his team of International Security Partners. It seems Xavier is a ruthless ex-French legion mercenary with his hands deep in drugs smuggling who is running a highly profitable but utterly disgusting business of human trafficking from North Africa. Jack and his men cannot wait to get their hands on the guy. Their mission: seek, destroy, eliminate.

Will they succeed and at what cost?

My Thoughts

This was my first Jack Calder book and I love it! The pace is fast, the plot intriguing and intricate, the protagonists likeable and the baddies unsympathetic. I love both female protagonists, May-Ling, Jack’s wife and head of ISP, and Francine Louvet. They are strong, resilient, resourceful and committed. Whatever the costs – and they are high, as Francine will find out.

My father instilled in me a belief that our family would hold its values regardless of our business fortunes. In that, I promise, Banque Louvet will not waver.

– Francine Louvet

There is a substantial amount of dialogue in the thriller with quite a lot of explanations which slowed down the plot at times and the descriptions of the circumstances sometimes made me less invested in the victims – which is shocking, I fully admit, as these are horrid crimes.

However, I applaud the author for bringing these topics under the attention of the readers. He combines drugs smuggling, human trafficking, and dangerous mercenaries into one gripping thriller that draws you right in – and even makes you think like our protagonists – which is not always within the law but I easily overlooked it as I was on their side.

‘Deadly Impact’ is a gripping, adventurous, and well-crafted thriller that doesn’t shy away from societal problems as human trafficking and had me turn just one more page every time… until I reached the fab ending.

The Jack Calder Crime Series:
#1 The Violin Man’s Legacy
#2 Vengeance Wears Black
#3 Savage Payback
#4 Killer City
#5 Deadly Impasse

About the Author

Seumas Gallacher escaped from the world of finance ten years ago, after a career spanning three continents and five decades. 

As the self-professed ‘oldest computer Jurassic on the planet’ his headlong immersion into the dizzy world of eBook publishing opened his eyes, mind, and pleasure to the joys of self-publishing. As a former businessman, he rapidly understood the concept of a writer’s need to ‘build the platform’, and from a standing start began to develop a social networking outreach, which now tops 35,000 direct contacts. 

He started a humorous, informative, self-publishers blog, never having heard of a ‘blog’ prior to that, was voted ‘Blogger of the Year 2013’ and now has a loyal blog following on his networks. He says the novels contain his ‘Author’s Voice’, while the blog carries his ‘Author’s Brand’. And he’s still LUVVIN IT!

Book Info

‘Deadly Impasse’ is available at Amazon

 Publisher SGC PUBLISHING (19 Sept. 2016)
ASIN (ebook) B01M0U7DR8

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