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*December 2016* What an Amazing Year 2016 has been!


What an amazing year 2016 was! To follow my passion and start blogging and reviewing – meeting many wonderful people in that awesome #bookishworld of ours! 

Looking back on 2016

Now the end of the year is nigh it is time to think about all that happened this year. it has been exciting and wonderful and frankly, I do not know where to start! It has been a truly amazing year, in which I started scribbling down notes on the many books I have read in my life, took a deep breath and decided to go for it with my own website. And I love it! Wow, there are days I have to pinch myself. Seven months ago, my first reviews were of books I own and if you had told me then that I would now be so busy with book reviews, blog tours and so much more – I just would not have believed you! A special thank you has to go to the FaceBook ‘UK Crime Book Club’ the first of many groups, celebrating a love for writing and books, I since became a member of. The first book I was given the opportunity to review is Mark Fowler’s crime thriller Silver, published by UK’s awesome publisher Bloodhound Books.

Since then many have followed. If you would have told me at the beginning of May that I would close 2016 by being part of six blog tours in December, among which the blog tour for charity Dark Minds, and having my name mentioned in a book – I would not have believed you! Thank you, Malcolm Hollingdrake – a great author and friend. And thank you fellow book bloggers for making me feel part of the family wherein we happily share each other’s news, cover reveals and book reviews. Wishing everyone wonderful days, happy times, give a smile and a kind word, be warm and friendly and share the love for books! If you are not that into Christmas – remember it is only 48 hours – pick up a book from your TBR pile, binge watch your favourite series, walk the dog, make plans, clean out the (garden) shed, organize your books or your socks drawer and before you know it Dec. 27th is there!

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