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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Degrees of Darkness – Tony J. Forder

Frank’s world takes a shattering turn downward when his ex-wife and son are murdered by a vicious killer, who has taken his daughter, Laura. To what purpose Frank is terrified to find out. But, to find his daughter, he has to know.


When DCI Nicky Loizou visits his friend, ex-cop Frank Rogers, Frank knows that he is the bearer of bad news. But even he could not predict just how his life will be turned upside down by the horrendous acts of a vicious killer who, after murdering his ex-wife and son, has also abducted his daughter, Laura. Every day with the sick psychopath brings the threat of torture and a painful death nearer to Laura. How will she cope? Is Frank able to hunt down the cold-blooded murderer before it is too late?


Just a normal day at the office is what Frank thinks when he looks through his office window. After his career with the Police abruptly ended, Frank started his Alpha Debt Collecting Agency and, truth be told, he found it just about bearable, nowhere near the life he once pictured for himself. If he but knew that his life was going to spiral downwards so fast he could not hold on to anything but a glimmer of hope… When Nicky enters the office, Frank is enthusiastic until it hits him: Nicky is here for a reason. Frank’s son, his ex-wife and her husband have been slaughtered. The only one whose body and blood was not found at the crime scene: that of his teenage daughter, Laura. Unfortunately for Frank, Detective Superintendent Colin Foster, who has a personal grudge against Frank and is, in the latter’s eyes, a most incompetent Detective, leads the investigation.

In his devastation, Frank challenges Foster. Not such a good move, perhaps, but how could he hold back with the grief for his son and the agony of not knowing what has happened to his daughter, Laura. He feels sick and the thoughts keep tumbling in his mind, rendering him powerless. This must be rock bottom – but it is not. The perpetrator is in all probability a serial killer and abductor, “the most malevolent of creatures.” Laura is the seventh girl that has been taken and all those seven families have been brutally slaughtered within the last half year. What choice does Frank have other than to take matters into his own hand? When your son has been murdered and your teenage daughter abducted by what looks like a vicious and cold-blooded serial killer, there is no alternative. To know more about the killer and to what purpose the girls are abducted, Frank has to find a way into the psychopath’s dark mind…

My Thoughts 

What a gruesome thriller! I loved it and hated it! Degrees of Darkness – a sublime title for the book but I cannot even begin telling you why because that would be giving everything away. In fact, this thriller was very difficult to review because all you want to tell is in danger of spoiling the plot. Let me just say that is expertly written. The author takes us on a tumultuous and gripping ride that you cannot step out of until you have reached the end. Frank Rogers is a great protagonist but, despite his coping with his sorrow, I sometimes wanted to shake him when he went in yet another pub. Do not do that – your daughter is out there, I wanted to scream because, unlike Frank, we know what is happening and it makes our blood turn ice cold. Then again, Frank has the cunning ability to analyse situations and to perceive insights into the psychopath killer’s mind.

I loved the other characters, his friend, Nicky, who would do almost anything for him, Debbie, a friend of the Rogers’ family and still friends with Frank (she is lovely, what a woman!) and of course Laura, the teenager so brave and wise for her age yet with no clue what she is up against. There are a few more characters, not all good… Again, the topic raises questions on nurture and nature and it is fascinating to read about the influences here. Perhaps nurture facilitates and accelerates nature’s deeply hidden darker inclinations. Degrees of Darkness is an engrossing and haunting thriller!

About the Author 

Tony J. Forder Author Image

Tony J. Forder has been writing stories since childhood, but it was only when he won a short story competition judged by an editor from Pan Books, that he realised he might actually be half decent at this writing business. The story, Gino’s Bar and Grille, went on to be published in Dark Voices 2, part of the celebrated Pan Book of Horror series. Three further short story sales followed: Book End, published in Dark Voices 4, Character Role, in FEAR magazine, and finally A Grim Story, which featured in A Rattler’s Tale. During a book signing for Dark Voices 2, Tony was seated next to author Brian Lumley. At one point, Tony revealed to Brian that he felt out of place alongside all the proper writers. Brian then told Tony something he has never forgotten: “The moment you sat down and pulled a story out of your imagination and put it to paper, you became a proper writer.” Subsequently, Tony began to focus on novel writing. As a part-time writer with a full-time job, plus some ill-health, life got in the way and, although Tony continued writing, it took a back seat to making a living, that is until now, 2017, where we find Tony J. Forder working hard on new books!

Subsequently, Tony began to focus on novel writing. As a part-time writer with a full-time job, plus some ill-health, life got in the way and, although Tony continued writing, it took a back seat to making a living, that is until now, 2017, where we find Tony J. Forder working hard on new books!

Book Info 

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Paperback  386 pages
 Publisher  Degrees of Darkness (6 Sept. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1912175581
 eBook  1371 KB (Bloodhound Books (19 Sept. 2017)
 ASIN  B075C9W81F

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