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The Detective, The Woman and The Pirate’s Bounty – Amy Thomas

The Detective, The Woman, and The Pirate’s Bounty is an entertaining and engaging detective novel prominently featuring The Woman – the delightful, intelligent, funny, beautiful, and adventurous Irene Adler.


In The Detective, The Woman and The Pirate’s Bounty, Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler retrace the steps of pirates as they uncover a conspiracy at the heart of Florida’s islands. Death threats and gangsters are not enough to stop the pair as they meet new friends and enemies while seeking pirate treasure and preserving law and order.

My Thoughts

‘The Detective, The Woman, and The Pirate’s Bounty’ is a lovingly, expertly written and well-crafted new tale of Sherlock Holmes and ‘the’ – his! – woman, Irene Adler. Even if the narrative is descriptive and elaborates on the many travels they are undertaking, in that Amy Thomas is following the master’s footsteps – you feel this IS Sherlock Holmes and this IS Irene Adler. That is quite an accomplishment and made this a wonderful adventure to read.

As always, we are not privy to the deliberations of the detective – his chapters are written from a third person perspective whereas those of The Woman are first-person narratives. actually, this is rather splendidly done because The Woman is so much more than Dr Watson could ever be. Don’t get me wrong I love Watson but The Woman, even if she has no idea what he is thinking about, is his equal. It shines through on every page and it’s endearing.

I loved how she thought about him and how, through his actions, he about her. They care for one another and hold each other in high esteem. It’s as close to love (if it isn’t that!) as you can get with two such complex characters! The Detective and The Woman is an adventurous and enjoyable new Sherlock Holmes series, prominently featuring The Woman. I recommend the book and the series!

About the Author

Amy Thomas is a freelance writer, editor, and podcaster from South Florida.
In addition to her Sherlock Holmes novels, her nonfiction essays have been published in About Sixty: Why Every Holmes Story is the Best, Femme Friday: Celebrating Women in Sherlock Holmes Canon and Transformative Works, and other anthologies. Additionally, her short fiction and poetry have been featured in The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.

As a member of the Baker Street Babes Podcast, an all-female group of Sherlock Holmes fans, dedicated to approaching the fandom from a feminine point of view, Amy has served as a panelist for 221b Con and had the honour of being a finalist in the Podcaster category of the Shorty Awards.

She hones her crime writing acumen as a legal proofreader and connects with her readers via her blog, Girl Meets Sherlock.

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Book Info

‘The Detective, The Woman and The Pirate’s Bounty is available at Amazon:

Paperback 174 pages
 Publisher MX Publishing (16 April 2019)
 ISBN (paperback)9781787054141

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  • Colin Garrow

    Ah yes, you can never get enough Sherlock. This sounds too good to miss, so I’ve ordered the paperback. So many books…

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