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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Detriment – David Videcette

Detective Jake Flannagan returns in this intricately woven story of bombings, murder, arms deals and espionage implicating British Intelligence


Detective Jake Flannagan #2

In the exciting second instalment in the Detective Jake Flannagan Series, we find Jake more vulnerable than ever. He has to work under a man who still bears a grudge against Jake for sleeping with his girlfriend (now his wife). Jake’s ex-wife is charged with reckless driving but there is something fishy about it all and on top of that, Jake’s on/off girlfriend Claire drags him with her into illegal actions with far-reaching consequences. Add to this the temptation of alcohol and attractive women and it is no wonder Jake has a hard time concentrating. Could it be that this time, Jake is in over his head?


Two years after London’s 2005 Summer of Terror, Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan of the Counter Terrorism Command still feels guilty about not having done more, for failing to keep London safe. Now, in 2007, due to having been banned from working ‘in the field,’ Jake is in the office when a call for the Bomb Squad comes in. Whilst they are elsewhere involved, Jake feels he has no option but to break the ‘ban’ and take action himself. There is no way in hell he will not give his all to prevent a car, packed with bombs, from blowing up in front of one of London’s biggest nightclubs. Sadly for Jake, his actions have consequences and once again he finds himself in a situation where his boss, Superintendent Helen, has to save what is left of his downward spiralling career. With highflyer DI Mark Castle on the bombing case and Jake on a short leash, he fears their history makes it difficult for the two of them to work together.

Jake and Mark need to pull all strings because more cars filled with bombs are found in London – as well as a burning, bomb-loaded jeep at Glasgow Airport. Following another clash between Mark and Jake, the latter volunteers to head to Glasgow even if Jake’s other assignment should have kept him in London: investigating the alleged suicide of an Egyptian spy. No wonder Lenny, Jake’s second in command, has a hard time keeping up with his boss, and friend! In Glasgow, temptation is everywhere and, although Jake is aware of the consequences of his previous destructive behaviour, we find him again susceptible to his weaknesses at a time when the country is on high alert. To add to his troubles, Claire needs help in executing an obscure scheme involving her uncle Frank … and it comes as no surprise that Jake is caught up in the middle of it, endangering his career and his life …

My Thoughts

Wow! What an engrossing thriller! After reading ‘The Theseus Paradox,’ I looked forward to the next book featuring Jake Flannagan as I loved to read more about the stubborn and confrontational, sometimes reckless but always loyal, London Detective. Can I say that this second book felt like a step up? I LOVE the composition of the book – just like ‘The Theseus Paradox’, with plotlines cunningly woven around facts (chronologically stated in the Appendix). In my opinion, David Videcette’s protagonist has grown in character, even if he occasionally falls ‘off the wagon’ by indulging his addictions to alcohol and one-night-stands.

The strength of this book lies in the perfect combination of protagonist Jake (with all his weaknesses), at his most vulnerable when addressing his unresolved issues, placed in a  fast-paced action-packed intricate story. It is difficult to say much more if I want to avoid spoilers, but no way did I see what was coming! I loved ‘The Detriment’ which can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend reading ‘The Theseus Paradox’ first as it helps understand where Jake is coming from. I read this thriller in one sitting – you simply cannot put the book down until you know what happens next.  Find out for yourself, I can highly recommend the Jake Flannagan series!

‘The Detriment’ is the second book featuring Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan – the first instalment is
The Theseus Paradox‘ – my review.

About the Author
David Videcette Author Image

As a Metropolitan Police detective, David Videcette has worked on a wealth of infamous cases.  He’s placed bugs on scores of vehicles, searched hundreds of properties, chased numerous dangerous criminals and interviewed thousands of witnesses. A former Scotland Yard Investigator with twenty years’ policing experience, including counter-terror operations and organised crime, David was a key investigator on the 7th July 2005 London bombings. He has been awarded several police commendations, including one for outstanding detective work and perseverance which led to his discovery of a 7/7 bomb factory during operation Theseus.

Book Info

 Paperback  346 pages
 Publisher  Videcette Limited (26th June 2017)
 ISBN  978-0993426339
 eBook  2738 KB (29th June 2017)
 ASIN  B07227XS4G
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