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The Devil’s Lieutenant – Shervin Jamali

Dark. Twisted. Devious. Spine-chilling. Wow!! ‘The Devil’s Lieutenant’ is Shervin Jamali’s super strong debut novel – a book about the battle between right and wrong. The unbearable loss of his wife and little son and the subsequent immense grief force Michael in one direction: to a highly violent and immoral entanglement with the Devil himself…


All of us will die, and most of us will suffer before we do so.
– Nicholas Hardy Walter, anarchist, atheist, humanist (1934-2000)

Five years ago, Michael was confronted with the greatest shock of his life: upon coming home he finds his little son’s lifeless body, covered in blood, his wife, Sara, next to him with a smoking gun. Before Michael has time to act, she puts the gun to her mouth and pulls the trigger… This cannot be the end of a happy marriage of ten years, of their beautiful little family! It is horrific and tragic, Michael is overwhelmed with grief and inwardly seething with a burning anger towards Sara. At their funeral, Michael ceases to be a cop. He knows his suffering will continue but will he be strong enough to bear it?


After a year of drowning away his sorrows, Michael is nowhere near coming to terms with his grief. We see the flashbacks to that fateful day he met Sara when he was stabbed multiple times and she came to his rescue. Theirs was a love story from the start and five years after, their beautiful baby boy, Eli, was born. Eli, who would never reach the age of six. His feeling of utter despair after their deaths made Michael turn to alcohol with a vengeance. Not a day goes by he isn’t drowning his sorrows. Is it his alcoholic intoxication that makes him see the man in his apartment? He tries to shake the hallucination but the man is still in his line of vision. Who is he and why won’t the bullets, fired by Michael’s gun, hit the man? Perhaps they did…

The man standing before him prefers to be called ‘Lucifer.’ Yep. The Devil himself! A man on a mission. A man, if a man he is, who adds to Michael’s anguish by telling him that it is he who is responsible for killing their son, not his wife and that both Sara and Eli’s souls are ‘burning in Hell.‘ Michael wants to scream in agony and lash out but has no other option than to accept the Devil’s proposal as it is the only way to save his family from eternal damnation… This is how Michael becomes the much-feared, violent and ferocious avenger also known as ‘The Devil’s Lieutenant.’ A role he utterly despises but also a role that speaks to the violent man he has become: an aggressive, bloodthirsty killer out to settle his score with the world

My Thoughts

What a terrific and awesome read! I love it! The story, the character of Michael and his interactions with the Devil himself, also excellently portrayed, crawled under my skin and my thoughts just hurdled through another. What a tale to tell! Shervin Jamali’s debut is powerful and lashes out at all you believe in – or, better yet, all you thought you believed in! The gripping story has such a fast-paced plotline and incredible twist that it stayed with me long after I closed the book. As it happens, I read it late at night and well, I just could not get to sleep, had to calm down first.

The engaging writing style that draws you in and keeps you captivated, the snappy chapters with their titles instantly clarifying where you are in Michael’s life, it all adds to that satisfying feeling of reading something extraordinary. I do not know where to start nor what to tell you more because frankly, I’d rather you read this novella for yourself as it simply is an outstanding story! The author challenges all our beliefs whilst taking us on an utterly exciting journey spiralling down to the depths of Hell and the inflamed (!) aggravation of those forced to live there. I highly recommend ‘The Devil’s Lieutenant’ and very much look forward to reading the author’s next book, ‘Escape from Hell.

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About Shervin Jamali

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Shervin Jamali has been writing for as long as he can remember as he had so many stories “locked away” but it wasn’t until he completed the first draft of “The Devil’s Lieutenant” that he decided to turn his writings into books. His books are the perfect outlet for his daytime job as an IT consultant and he looks forward to the day he will be a full-time writer. After having lived in sunny Florida, Shervin Jamali now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. In his spare time, Shervin likes to put together jigsaw puzzles whilst contemplating plots for his next book.

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Book Info

‘The Devil’s Lieutenant’ is available at Amazon:

Paperback 144 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (20 May 2016)
ISBN 9781539549680
eBook 867 KB

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