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Don’t Look Behind You – Mel Sherratt

 Don’t Look Behind You is a compelling psychological thriller involving disturbing topics as domestic abuse. Detective Eden Beresford has her work cut out!


Detective Eden Berrisford Crime Thriller series #2

When domestic violence is coming too close to home – what can you do? How much misery and how many lives have to be at stake for you to finally summon up the courage to leave an abusive partner? And when you do, are you ever free of guilt, of the burden you have laid upon your shoulders? Can you ever live in peace, knowing that he has threatened to find you and to hurt you to the point when death comes as a release? Follow me and find out whether Detective Sergeant Eden Berrisford will successfully close the investigation or will herself be put in danger.


Carla decides to take the chance and travel from Stockleigh to Liverpool for the day as she desperately wants to visit her daughter Chloe’s grave. However, she is anxious not to be noticed and ensures she is not being followed. Once at the graveyard, a car approaches and Carla knows Ryan has found her once again. Meanwhile in Stockleigh, Detective Sergeant Eden Berrisford is called to yet another case of domestic violence. Eden is frustrated that beaten up women keep on returning to their violent partners, but she knows that as long as she is able to, she will endeavour to help as many victims of domestic abuse as she can. Eden, a member of the Domestic Violence Team before being promoted to Detective Sergeant, feels strongly about domestic abuse. Hence her acting as a liaison officer for The Willows women’s refuge centre, a “bolthole for a few lucky victims of domestic violence to get a breather, maybe a handle on moving on for good.” 

Among the staff of The Willows are live-in manager Lisa and counsellor Carla. As the reader is aware, Carla also has a troubled past with her husband Ryan but she has not shared any of this with the women seeking refuge at The Willows, such as Tanya who regularly stays a few nights before going back again to her abusive husband Vic. Vic is just out of prison and already Tanya is back in the refuge! Carla can relate to Tanya’s issues as she now realises Ryan was also released from prison recently. Carla is desperate because Ryan has sworn to kill her. Slowly and painfully. Eden has also issues to deal with: her husband Danny walked out one day, but her feelings for him are keeping her from committing to her boyfriend Joe. At least her job is fulfilling: Eden has her own Community Intelligence Team, including the detective constables Jordan and Amy. They make an impressive team, able to handle everything short of major crimes.

Now they face an investigation into a rapist, who sneaks up on women and violently rapes them. There is the disturbing factor that the perpetrator is getting more brutal with every attack and awaits the women near their homes striking just before they reach their front doors. Plus, there’s Tanya whose husband Vic has been following her to the refuge and attacks her on the doorstep. No wonder the women in the refuge are freaking out and do not feel safe anymore. Come to that, why is Tanya secretly smiling? It is unnerving. Carla is on edge, as she realises that her abusive husband Ryan could have found out where she lives. Eden has her job cut out: she is determined to keep the women in the refuge safe and to catch the violent rapist before he can hurt any more women or even butcher his next victim. The question is whether she will succeed as her personal problems are increasing and the danger might get too close to home.

My Thoughts

This intriguing psychological crime thriller combines the topics of domestic violence and rape. Both are shocking criminal offences against, mostly, women; if this captivating thriller proves anything, it is that it can affect everyone. Mel Sherratt shows her readers the fascinating but horrifying world of those who have suffered under domestic violence by abusive partners and their daily struggle to live without fear. The book is excellently written and thoroughly absorbing! I read it in one session. It perfectly combines the police investigations and the characters of Eden’s colleagues with what Eden is experiencing in her personal life up to a point where .. I cannot tell you more because of possible spoilers! I loved the book and found it could be perfectly read as a stand-alone. Not having read the first book in the series, however, I did feel there were some references and therefore would recommend reading ‘The Girls Next Door’ first.

About the Author

Mel Sherratt Author Image

Mel Sherratt is a British author living in Staffordshire with a love for books and reading dating back to when she was very young. As far as she can remember, she has always been writing, then life got in the way and when she was made redundant in 2010 she took the opportunity to seriously start her writing career. Her first (self-published) crime thriller was Taunting the Dead (2011) which was an instant success.  The rest, as we can establish, is history. She writes “gritty crime dramas and fiction with a punch” and just how much she loves that is obvious when looking at her terrier named Dexter (yes, the cold-blooded serial killer!).  Since 2012, she has written and published eight novels and has sold over half a million books. Mel Sherratt was shortlisted for the prestigious CWA (Crime Writer’s Association) Dagger in Library Award 2014 and appears regularly at festivals, conferences and events – her favourites being London Book Fair and Theakstons Old Peculiar Crime Writing Festival, Harrogate.

 Books by Mel Sherratt
The Estate Series (4 books); the DS Allie Shenton Series (3 books); the Detective Eden Berisford Crime Thriller Series (2 including Don’t Look Behind You) and the psychological thriller Watching over You.
Contemporary Fiction by Mel Sherratt under the name of Marcie Steele:
Stirred with Love; That’s What Friends Are For.

Book Info

 Paperback   302 pages
 Publisher   Bookouture (27 Jan. 2017)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1786811332
 ISBN-13  978-1786811332

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