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Double Jeopardy – M.A. Comley

Businessman Ross is found dead in a field and DI Hero Nelson must now investigate the vicious murder of a man, seemingly liked by everyone except, of course, for his killer…


A Hero Series #4

Detective Inspector Hero Nelson (blame his mother for his having to live up to that name) finds the perfect way to get rid of his partner, Detective Sergeant Julie Shaw by offering her the chance of a promotion trajectory. Their professional relationship has always been a difficult one, especially since Julie’s reactions can be quite challenging. Little does he know that her prospect of promotion might put the pressure on him. First, they have a murder to solve of a man without an enemy in the world. To Hero, Ross’s business partner Laurence is a possible suspect, since he stands to gain the most. But not all is what it seems in this complicated case. If that is not enough, Hero’s personal life is about to change for the worst…


It is a cold, misty morning in Manchester when DI Nelson is called to the scene of a crime: a murder most foul. Whoever killed the rich businessman, Ross Spalding, was clearly not interested in his money as his well-filled wallet has been left untouched. That begs the question of the motive: with a recently engaged fiancée who seems, however, not to be in touch with her future husband’s family, and a business partner who wants their company to take a different course. Then something happens during interviews at the business premises which necessitates Hero reviewing his list of suspects.

You would think the family of the murdered Ross should be forthcoming – but they are not. A strenuous case for Hero that only seems to be getting more difficult with every piece of evidence uncovered. To complicate matters, the pressure is rising as Hero’s boss is not pleased with what he sees as an apparent lack of progress as the investigation only slowly moves forward. If you think that is all Hero has to worry about, you are wrong. Dark shadows hide just around the corner, only waiting to make his life worse…

My Thoughts

I love the Hero series! Hero Nelson is a loveable character and a dedicated family man, even if he is a bit presumptuous and old-fashioned. In this fourth Hero Nelson story, his personal life is perhaps even more important than the murder investigation – and I love the author showing us Hero’s doubts and fears and inner turmoils, making it easy to empathise with him. The events of the last chapter… simply devastating. I cannot tell you more – really, not even the emotions it evoked in me because then you would have a clue…

This is the second Hero book I have read but I am still not sure if I like DS Julie Shaw. The bickering and banter between Hero and Julie are ongoing as ever but there is an edge to it we have not witnessed before. I am very interested to see how that will work out in the next Hero book! Double Jeopardy is another fast-paced thriller by MA Comley who has woven such an intricate plot that I had no idea who was responsible for the gruesome murder and why. Read it to find out!

Double Jeopardy is the latest instalment in the ‘Hero’ series but perfectly readable as a standalone. The ‘Hero’ series currently consists of 4 instalments with a novella in between book two and three of the series; the previous books are:
#1 Torn Apart 
#2 End Result
  –  Deadly Act – a novella
#3 In Plain Sight (my review)

About the Author

MA Comley Author Image

M(el) A. Comley is a British author whose move to France enabled her to turn her writing hobby into a career and became an author. She started out writing romances but her successes were there when she decided to dive in the world of thrillers. After having tried out several jobs, from an interior designer to a barmaid, a store manager and having an own business, her true passion just could not be stopped anymore. According to Mel’s own words, she has “ found my vocation in life.” Among her works are the bestselling ‘Justice Series’, the ‘Intention Series’, the ‘DI Sally Parker’ thrillers, the ‘Hero Series’, psychological thrillers and the ‘A Sweet Romance’ series.

Book Info

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Paperback  188 pages
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (27 July 2017)
 ISBN  978-1912175444
 eBook  1903 KB (1 Aug 2017)
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