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The Druid of Death – Richard T. Ryan

When a woman’s body is found at Stonehenge, Sherlock Holmes knows that this will be a – perhaps even the – most difficult case because ‘There is an evil here that I have scarcely encountered in my career.” Who is this Druid of Death and will Sherlock Holmes be able to stop them before more victims are brutally slaughtered? 


A Sherlock Holmes Adventure #3

When Dr Watson finds out his friend Sherlock Holmes had been summoned to Stonehenge, the ancient, prehistoric monument and place of mystery, he is, as are we, keen to know what has happened. Sherlock Holmes has looked evil in the eye when examining the lifeless body of a young woman, her intestines laid out beside her as if she were an offering. The malevolence of the act shocks Holmes and even if he knows where to start investigating, he has no idea whether he will ever find the culprit. The symbols on the woman’s body look like druidic signs and therefore, the Ancient Order of Druids has to be visited. Surprisingly, they are quite willing to cooperate and Sherlock Holmes would not be a master detective if he did not feel something is off…

But then another murder takes place, this time on the summer solstice – June 21st, Holmes and Watson realise a pattern forms but how to stop a determined killer, bent on pulling off their devilish plan? The frantic search to decipher and understand the meaning of the druidic symbols, the lack of being able to establish a motive, has left Watson and Holmes with many a clue but all trails lead nowhere.. The only thing they can do is… wait. Until the next victim falls? Watson is worried about his friend, he sees how this “inability to make any real headway was consuming him..” and wants to take action. But when you have no idea of the murderer’s whereabouts and too many places could be the intended next crime scenes, frustration hits hard. Will they get to the bottom of these vicious and brutal murders and catch their killer?

My Thoughts

What a pleasure to be reconnected to Holmes and Watson once again! Richard Ryan’s Holmes and Watson are great friends and always have each other’s back, I do love that. This time, it’s an extremely difficult case to crack! I loved the references to the ancient monuments and the traditions of old. Richard Ryan has found his niche in creating new adventures for our famous detective and his sidekick.

The author’s writing style is engaging and draws you into the story. There is both distance and nearness in the story – the distance when describing other cases ‘in between’ so to say, taking the reader with him when there are evolvements in the plot at hand, the investigation into the deadly druid. ‘The Druid of Death’ is a travel back in time to the Victorian days of ere when telegrams were the fastest way of communication and drones were only a sci-fi fantasy in this fascinating, enjoyable and intriguing detective novel!

The Sherlock Holmes Adventure Series:

#1 The Vatican Cameos      
#2 The Stone of Destiny    
#3 The Druid of Death       
#4 The Merchant of Menace

About the Author

Richard T. Ryan Author Image

A lifelong Sherlockian, Richard Ryan is the author of “The Official Sherlock Holmes Trivia Book” as well as a book on Agatha Christie trivia. His first two novels, the Sherlock Holmes Adventures  “The Vatican Cameos,” and “The Stone of Destiny” are available from MX Publishing, London.

Richard Ryan obtained his master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame, where he majored in medieval literature; he is a die-hard fan of the Fighting Irish — it doesn’t matter what sport. He has been happily married for 40 years and is the proud father of two children.

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Book Info

‘The Druid of Death’ is available at Amazon:

Pages 250
 Publisher MX Publishing (17 Sept. 2018)
ISBN (paperback) 9781787052949
ASIN (ebook) B07G2QMB5Y

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