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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The End of Lies – Andrew Barrett

When Becky comes home to find her husband, Chris, murdered, it is clear that she herself is in danger too. What follows is a rollercoaster of a ride. Flashbacks from the past tell us more about the shocking events involving dark criminals, nasty murderers and all-around bad guys. Who can Becky trust? Will she survive?


The moment Becky arrives home to see the back door open, she knows something is off. She laughs at her anxiety but still, something feels very, very wrong. When Becky finds the lifeless body of her beloved Chris lying in the lounge, she is hysterical. Suddenly, she spots the knife with its “thin smear of redness and glistening traces of fat on its blade.” 

She has no time to grieve for there are noises in the house – is the murderer still there? If so, that means she, Becky, is in mortal danger! She picks up the knife and makes herself scarce but somehow, she is caught. And somehow, that same knife that, in all probability, was what killed her husband, suddenly slashes out to her attacker. Then, she runs out of the house. Becky is running for her life.


After the horrible murder of Chris, Becky has no one to turn to. We slowly start to understand why but are none the closer to what happened. Chris’s words are Becky’s mantra now “tell no one” and she is determined to follow his orders. But Chris is no more and when vicious criminals get hold of her, threaten her with a gruesome penalty in case she fails to bring back what belongs to them – what was in Chris’s possession. One week is all she gets. If not…

Becky is panicking as her gruesome life’s ending is laid before her in words not to be mistaken. What exactly was it that Chris, a police officer, had himself involved in? Now he is murdered, Becky is all on her own and has no idea what to do next or who to turn to. There is only one person she can think of and that is her best friend Sienna.

Becky does not fully trust Sienna and, remembering Chris’s words “tell no one” is determined not to confide in her. But the threat of a horrific death makes Becky shiver and realise she cannot do what the criminals want from her without some help. Is this a wise decision as Sienna somehow has a connection with the cruel criminal Savage? Only time will tell. What becomes clear from the flashbacks is, that Chris was planning something extremely dangerous and that his plans would turn their world upside down. Did Becky go along with is or did she have no choice?

Slowly, chapter by chapter, we learn a bit more about Becky and Chris and the contents of their plans and we come to realise, that the events of the past are directly responsible for everything that is happening now. With the sickening prospect of the sadistic way Becky will die if she does not comply with Savage’s wishes, she has no choice but to do everything she can but will it be enough?

My Thoughts

This super exciting psychological thriller is told in flash-backs and boy, what a story it is! You feel all is not well in the beginning but it only gets worse… A cracker of a read that is impossible to put down before you have reached the end. A murder happens and is it the end or just the start of a series of shocking and violent events? I cannot tell you, of course, that would be totally spoiling it but this well-written, fast-paced thriller is carefully construed as to show us, the readers, only the necessary and with each flashback divulged, the impact of it on the present becomes clear.

Kudos to Andrew Barrett for the ingenious plot and, although some of the events happening are thoroughly scaring as much as almost unbelievable, he pulls it off with his captivating writing style. A quite unique murder mystery – and even if I had my suspicions as to the murder of `Chris, this did not at all interfere with my reading as so many questions needed answering. Loved it – be prepared for a shocking ride and remember: karma is a bitch!

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About the Author

Andrew Barrett Author Image

Andrew Barrett is a crime and thriller writer based in West Yorkshire. Since the 1990s he has written several novels and short stories, all set in northern England. Also, he has co-written a number of television scripts. Andrew’s novels focus on the world of Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs). Andrew offers a unique insight into this dark landscape, making good use of his expertise as a Senior CSI to “envelop the reader in exciting yet realistic stories.” Among his books are the Roger Conniston Series and the Eddie Collins Series.

Book Info

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 Pages  314
 Publisher  The Ink Foundry (29 Jan 2019)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781795671576
 ASIN (e-book)  B07N8K7SCH

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