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Everything’s Cool – Justin Carroll

Justin Carroll’s Everything Cool is a disturbing and dark psychological thriller that crawls into your head and does not let go. Who is Stan and what has he discovered? Is it all in his head or is there a devious plan to eradicate mankind? Who is behind this scheme and can Stan save the world or is it too late? 


Everything’s Cool starts with a shocking chapter. One that puts you on the wrong foot first – what is happening? Why is Stan acting in such a horrible way? He hates to do it but, as he needs to know the truth, there is only one option. Alas. How did it come to this? Follow me and find out!


A normal day at the office for Stan, the computer tech guy for a huge firm. He is ‘not safe’ in the office and would rather keep on wearing his walkman offering him the ‘white noise’ he needs to drown out his surroundings, but he has learned that it is not wise to do so while at work. When he is introduced to a new employee, Rachel, who will be working in Internal Affairs, he finds her attractive but then all changes instantly when she smiles knowingly at him. She knows! How is this possible and yet, it must be true. How did ‘they’ find out where he worked? He needs to act normal and meanwhile, has to discover how they could have found him, Delphic Electronics and The Tiresias Corporation, two American companies, both with head offices here in New York, both working for the government on Project Cassandra.

What Project Cassandra exactly entails, Stan has no idea. He only knows that Cassandra poses a lethal threat to mankind and that, apart from him, Stan, there is no one who has even an inkling let alone is able to stop them. To learn more about its ‘instigator,’ the one person who is ultimately responsible and without whom Cassandra will never happen, it might be a good idea to befriend Rachel and find out what ‘they’ know and how they came across him. At the same time, he is aware of his time being limited and thus, his research intensifies as do his nightmares but now, Stan has developed an ingenious scheme to find out the truth and to do whatever is necessary to save mankind from the apocalypse Project Cassandra is.

My Thoughts

Wow! What a read! What an ending! What has happened – what is real and what not? How close are we – are the multinationals – to totally controlling pretty much everything we do, all our actions and interactions? Even Stan does not know exactly what is going on but he does know that it will end catastrophically – and only he is aware of it. Only he can save mankind. A terrifying thought and it is no wonder that he experiences nightmares on a regular basis.

Justin Carroll has written a fascinating, dark and intriguing story about a man, a loner, who seeks to save the world. Who sees conspiracies everywhere. But what if, as a computer nerd, he has stumbled upon something? He is stuck in his world and his sole motivation, his drive is his life’s project: to find out about Project Cassandra and to cut it short before it is too late.

Stan is a complex character and it does the author credit that he shows us his vulnerability, his goal, but also his inability to connect to others, as well as all his fears and assumptions. Stan needs ‘static’ to drown out the noises from the world and is that not how we all feel from time to time? The need to drown out the world so we can hear our own thoughts? For Stan, it is imperative to the point of utter panic when his batteries are down making it impossible to listen to the ‘static.’

In essence, I feel Stan is a lonely guy – perhaps even lost. Someone who regards everything from his conspiracy theory – even Rachel’s approaches. How did he become the man he is today? What is his background? Why this overwhelming desire to rescue the world? Fanatically, he works towards his goal and to reach that, he has slowly but surely almost eradicated himself from the system. Fascinating.

I can go on and on about Stan, his motives, his behaviour, the actions he undertakes which I cannot discuss here, his goal. That is one hell of an achievement and I credit Justin Carroll for creating this complex, introvert character and giving us, the readers, so much food for thought. You can discuss whether or not the threat is real, whether or not Stan is right,  the ending.. that is what a good writer does, he crawls into your mind and makes you ponder long after you have closed the book.

I recommend this deviously dark and disturbing psychological thriller.

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About Justin Carroll

Justin Carroll Author Image

Ever since he stopped wanting to be a dinosaur, Justin Carroll wanted to be a writer. He graduated with a degree in English Literature and Language from King’s College, London in 2004 and now, in between writing and moonlighting in marketing for a multinational financial services company, he fritters away his time on all manner of geeky things. Shortlisted for several international short story competitions, Justin was a finalist in the 2010 British Fantasy Awards. Book 1 in the Hemlock Jones ChroniclesHemlock Jones & the Angel of Death is Winner of the Silver Medal 2017 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards.

Author Website: http://justin-carroll.com
FB Author Page: www.facebook.com/JustinCarrollAuthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WriterJustinC
GoodReads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/5183779.Justin_Carroll
Amazon Author Page: author.to/JustinCarroll
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JustinCarroll
Instagram: www.instagram.com/writerjustinc

Book Info

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 Pages  178
 Publisher  CreateSpace (Dec 19, 2012)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781481261883
 ASIN (e-book)  B00ARAQUYI

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