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Exclusive Cover Reveal | Those That Remain – Rob Ashman

Super excited to reveal the COVER for Rob Ashman’s first book in the Mechanic Trilogy: THOSE THAT REMAIN – an intriguing and captivating thriller!

 It is an absolute pleasure to share with you the


ROB ASHMAN @RobAshmanAuthor

Bits about Books is proud to be part of the Blog Tour starting on June 22nd, THOSE THAT REMAIN’s Publication Day. THOSE THAT REMAIN is Rob Ashman’s powerful debut novel – a chilling crime thriller you will not be able to put down until the very last pages.

About the Book

A thrilling and captivating thriller to grip you from the first page to the last!

Police Lieutenant Edmund Lucas is coasting to retirement in a mundane Florida police precinct when a brutal serial killer, codenamed Mechanic, lands on his patch.

Three years ago they thought Mechanic was dead. But Mechanic is very much alive and no family is safe from the savage, ritualistic murders this sadistic killer is compelled to commit.

Mechanic is always one step ahead and Lucas is forced to operate outside the law. Who can he trust and who is Mechanic?

Soon Lucas will learn the truth is more terrifying than he could ever imagine and in order to find the answers he needs, he might just have to put his life on the line…

The Headlines

THOSE THAT REMAIN is Rob Ashman’s debut thriller and boy, what a heck of a thriller it is! A few headlines:

“Fabulous read for crime thrillers addicts – kept me hooked from beginning to end”
“A blood-curdling and fascinating thriller”
“A seriously gripping, roller-coaster ride of a novel”

The Mechanic Trilogy

Those that Remain is the first in The Mechanic Trilogy featuring serial killer Mechanic and Police Lieutenant Edmund Lucas and his team, set in Florida. The trilogy consists of the following instalments:
#1  THOSE THAT REMAIN (June, 22nd)
 IN YOUR NAME (July, 13th)
#3  PAY THE PENANCE (August, 8th)  

All three books are published by Bloodhound Books. Of course, Bits about Books will read and review all three of The Mechanic Trilogy thrillers! After reading THOSE THAT REMAIN, I am sure you feel the same – you just have to find out what will happen next …

About the Author

Rob Ashman Author Image

Rob Ashman is a British author, original from Wales, but since twenty years now living in North Lincolnshire with his wife and two daughters. Rob Ashman worked, as most Welsh valley boys did, in a coal mine before entering University. He worked in a variety of consulting jobs until he finally decided to ‘listen to the voices in his head’ and start his writing career. The story of ‘Mechanic’ is a book that somehow was stuck in his head for almost twenty-five years; when, due to personal circumstances, Rob had to take three months leave to care for his parents, writing down the story in his head became his way of coping. After he wrote the book his family encouraged him to continue, so not being one for half measures, Rob got himself made redundant, went self-employed so he could devote more time to writing.  The result of four years of writing: the birth of ‘The Mechanic Trilogy’ a thrilling crime series. Rob Ashman now writes full time and has recently completed his fourth novel FACELESS. When not writing, Rob is a “frustrated chef with a liking for beer and prosecco,” known for occasional outbreaks of dancing.

Book Info

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 Paperback  272 pages
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (June 16th, 2017)
 ISBN  978-1912175277
 Ebook  3324 KB

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