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Faceless – Rob Ashman

Faceless is a brilliant start of a new detective series with a damaged, sometimes discordant and brutally honest but always straightforward and sympathetic DI Rosalind aka Roz Kray! I LOVE Faceless and Roz Kray, everything about it! Again, Rob Ashman captures the darkest of hearts in both his vicious criminal as his protagonist – Faceless is a rollercoaster of emotions and events and twists around the corner… Read it! Now!


DI Rosalind Kray Series #1

After a devastating trauma, DI Roz Kray now slowly finds her way back into work. She is ready to tackle criminals again but alas, her boss is not that keen… He sends her to what is supposed to be an easy case but upon entering the scene, Roz has no other choice but to call it in. Her boss, DCI Jackson, is not at all happy but seeing as someone scraped off the victim’s face, what else can he do? Appoint another DI, Colin Brownlow, to the case. Roz is furious. The first thing Brownlow does is giving her one odd job after another without any coherence. A victim killed by snake venom and a DI who has no idea how to investigate…


“Being psycho doesn’t make you bad, being bad makes you bad. Being psycho and bad makes you dangerous.”
– the killer

The crime scene of the murdered woman is alight with flies. They have fed on the victim’s flesh – the sight is just too horrible to watch. To smell. Who would do such a cruel thing and why use this method? When DI Brownlow misses vital information, DCI Jackson orders Roz to investigate and he assigns her two rookies to assist her, Lucy Frost and Duncan Tavener. They are keen. But it doesn’t take long for Roz to come to appreciate them and the three of them work together diligently. It is Tavener who discovers CCTV footage of the murdered woman and both of them come in on the weekend when they learn of another murder Roz has to investigate. When they find a chilling piece of evidence – staring them in the face, so to speak…

Meanwhile, an utterly revolting killer updates us on their thoughts and actions. Their childhood with abusive parents. Let’s just say that it does not end well. And that our killer has learned something he will use to perfect his murderous plans. We hear them say in the Prologue “This is not my fault. It’s yours,” which makes us aware of the sickening compulsions of the coldblooded murderer who obviously revels in manipulating people and putting the scare of death into them. Soon enough the team faces tragic circumstances.

Plagued by guilt and haunted by memories of a violent event that ruined her life forever, Roz Kray feels she is constantly balancing on the edge, trying to cope with her personal emotions whilst conducting police investigations. Still, she is the only one who can solve the case.. or die trying!

My Thoughts

A twisted killer and a tormented detective – what more do you need?!

If you, like me, have read and LOVED the MECHANIC trilogy, then you might have thoughts like ‘How on earth is Rob Ashman ever going to surpass this?’ What will his next book be about and will it be as dark and twisted as MECHANIC? Hell yes! It is all that and this time, we have an even more shocking insight into the mind of a totally devious and abhorrent killer! But, as hard as it is to say this, even the killer has a background – which makes me again ponder the fascinating nature-vs-nurture question.

I loved Roz – her vulnerability, her strength, her way to cope with life. Even if I wanted to shake her at times, I felt for her and, in a sense, admired her. This is a huge compliment to the author – he has created a fascinating, multi-faceted protagonist in Roz Kray! Rob Ashman has a brilliant writing style of his own and has the capacity of taking the reader with him on a spine-chilling, fast-paced journey, interspersing investigative chapters with insights into the killer’s mind and actions. Faceless is a rollercoaster of a ride with twists and turns at every corner. I LOVE Faceless and an eager to read more about Roz Kray!

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About the Author

Rob Ashman Author Image

Rob Ashman is a British author, originally from Wales but since twenty years now living in North Lincolnshire with his wife and two daughters. Rob worked, as most Welsh Valley boys did, in a coal mine before entering University. He worked in a variety of consulting jobs until he finally decided to ‘listen to the voices in his head’ and start his writing career. The story of ‘Mechanic’ is a book that somehow was stuck in his head for almost twenty-five years; when, due to personal circumstances, Rob had to take a three-months leave to care for his parents, writing down the story in his head became his way of coping. The result of four years of writing: the birth of The Mechanic Trilogy a thrilling crime series.

Book Info

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Pages  296 
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (21 May 2018)
 Paperback (ISBN)  9781912604326
 E-Book (ASIN)  B07D832WZQ


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