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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Fool Whiskey Hero – Jason T. Blundell

 Grady Fisk spots trouble ahead when he sees the bottom of his whiskey glass. Soon, his problems grow even bigger when vicious murderers come after him …


Drunken Fool Thrillers #1

Grady Fisk just wants to be left alone with his glass of whiskey. When a guy gets beaten up and the bartender refuses to refill his drink, Grady thinks life sucks. He has no idea that his coming between the guy and his attackers is the start of a series of events that rapidly spiral out of control.

Grady’s brother Reece needs help and as usual, things get much worse from then on. There is also Grady’s wife Marin who has again kicked him out. What will Grady do? Every initiative he takes and every move he makes add to his already huge pile of trouble and it does not take long for Grady to be in life-threatening situations!


Once again, Marin has thrown out her husband Grady Fisk. He never learns and prefers the booze to keep him company rather than the woman who loves him. Marin’s father, a retired cop, is glad his daughter moved back home, even if it is temporary. Meanwhile, Grady needs whiskey like a breath of air and his day is not fulfilled if he does not end it drunk.

The trouble with Grady is, being an ex-soldier and knowing how to use a gun and his knuckles, make him think he is invincible. At first, the events prove him right: he breaks up a fight and leaves the attackers of the guy in the bar in a terrible state. But then Grady has to rescue his brother Reece, yet again. Reese should have the middle name Trouble, he is a walking disaster, with a liking for drugs which is sustained by the ‘odd jobs’ he does for dangerous people.

Grady soon discovers that Reece is rapidly getting out of control when he finds himself in a brothel with Reese firing round after round. Chaos ensues, people are killed and both Grady and Reece are arrested on suspicion of murder. More disturbing, a young girl, Nyah, is somehow involved and even though Marin is angry with Grady, she offers Nyah a hide-out in her father’s house.

Nyah’s father was a cop, shot down years ago and now Nyah’s mother has been brutally murdered in the brothel. Caught in an extremely dangerous game between dark criminals, Grady desperately tries to disentangle himself and his brother from this mess, realising that keeping Nyah safe might be his only way back into Marin’s life. It would help if Grady was not intoxicated most of the time but apparently, self-destructiveness runs in the family!

My Thoughts

This is a difficult book to get into – I just could not feel any empathy with protagonist Grady Fisk’s shortcomings. It took me some chapters before I started to feel intrigued and wanted to find out what would happen next. If you had asked me then what I thought about this first-person narrative I would have told you there is too much violence – too many dark criminals and one constantly drunk protagonist up against them. Totally unbelievable.

Then, suddenly, the story got to me and I even started to like the drunken and aggressive fool who keeps saying the wrong things whilst antagonising the wrong people. It is a pretty violent story and apart from the sympathetic Marin and her father, the book’s characters mostly consist of abhorrent people, taking pleasure in killing and torturing.  All in all, I enjoyed reading this fast-paced, no-nonsense, crazy, and intriguing thriller!

About the Author

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Jason T. Blundell was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario. He played football for the University of Manitoba and graduated with a BA in English. He has worked in bars, a prison, and an ice cream shop. He now lives, writes and works in Winnipeg.

Book Info

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Pages 365
Publisher New Pulp Press (27 Oct 2016)
ISBN (paperback) 9781945734052
ASIN (e-book) B01MQ61PAO
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