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The Fox in the Box – Amanda Gee

The Fox in the Box is a lovely story-in-verse for young readers, written by Amanda Gee with stunning and colourful illustrations by Lee Holland


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A little fox is lost in the woods and does not know how to get home. He is cold and lonely and with the rain pouring down, he simply is scared.

What to do? Where to go? Fortunately, little Lydia finds him.

What happens next? Come with me to the woods of the lost baby fox.


When the rain started falling with “big blobs” the little fox had run away as far as his tiny paws would let him. Now, he is tired and feels lonely.
Where is his family? Why is the wood so wet and scary?

He finds a box and decides to use it.
Alone in his cardboard box, the little fox hides from the rain, and he cries and cries.

But rescue is near because little Lydia can hear the little fox crying in his box.

The Fox in the Box - Amanda Gee - picture

For the little fox, Lydia is sad because he cannot find his way back to his mum and dad.

Pleased as a punch is the little fox when Lydia takes him home to lunch.

In following the foxes track she hopes to find his way back.

Once in the wood, there is something not good.

Now Lydia needs her little friend and all the animals to lend her a hand.

How will this end?

My Thoughts 

Amanda Gee’s The Fox in the Box is a lovely and charming children’s picture book. It is endearing and I loved both the story-in-verse as the gorgeous illustrations by Lee Holland, so fitting to the book and the story. A book that will give much pleasure to young children, to let them taste the words and the rhyme – and at the same time, engages children to combine the spoken word with the colourful illustrations. It offers the opportunity to talk with your (grand)children about animal life, the preservation of nature, and of helping others in need. I highly recommend this exquisite children’s book as I feel positive that young children will simply love the little fox!

About the Author 

Amanda Gee is, in her own words, “a crazy animal person.” The Fox in the Box is her first children’s rhyming picture book. The author lives in Suffolk, England. She has dedicated her book to “all those wonderful people who stand up and speak out for those without a voice.”

Book Info 

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Paperback  32 pages
 Publisher  Amanda Gee (21 Jun. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1999739911
 eBook  4599 KB

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