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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Fracture – Heleyne Hammersley

When Rosie meets Alfie she is captivated by her, especially the adventurous way Alfie makes ordinary day-to-day situations into exciting imaginative schemes


You have been hurt in the past – the scars are there for everyone to see. You are sent away to the other end of the world, to start anew, to build a life. But can you free yourself from who you are? Are you ever able to put the past to rest? When something happens and the police find you – who would believe you, with your past, to be innocent?


Twenty-eight-years-old Rosie finds herself in a police station – accused of all sorts of things. She tells her story, acknowledges having spent money from a man’s wallet – but the attitude of the police suggests there’s something more serious going on. Is it because of Rosie’s past the police treat her as a suspect, urging her to confess to a crime she has no idea of? She came from the UK to Australia to build a new life far away from her parents and the terrors of her past. Her uncle Charlie and his wife Rita welcomed Rosie with open arms and their warm welcome makes Rosie realise she never had loving parents growing up: her parents felt their daughter an intrusion to their until then childless marriage. Is that why everything went so horribly wrong and they sent her away to Australia, like a guest outstaying her welcome? Charlie and Rita’s home feels so comfortable that Rosie needs a little push to leave these sheltered surroundings.

When she finally dares to go out, she sets herself a goal to walk through Sydne and find her way on her own as she has to start being responsible for her own actions. With every step she takes, she is enjoying her freedom and her growing self-confidence. She meets Alfie, a young woman sunbathing on the beach who was mistaken for a dead body by Rosie. Rose is captivated by Alfie’s personality and playfulness as well as her darker side underneath. Rosie is especially fascinated by Alfie’s ability to turn ordinary day-to-day situations into exciting imaginative schemes. the longer Rosie is in Alfie’s company the more she realises she loves her and wants to have a relationship. Rosie yearns to be liked by Alfie and to become Alfie’s lover. Meanwhile, little by little we gain insight into Rosie’s former life but still are clueless to the impact of it on her current situation, being locked up in a police station, apparently suspected of serious crimes.

My Thoughts

Whereas the book was not too fast-paced, the ending definitely is. Before you know it the slow starter becomes a roller coaster hurtling towards the climax in a whirlwind of events. This makes ‘Fracture’ an intriguing thriller. And yet it also feels like a coming-of-age novel, in which the protagonist struggles to find her way in life. Normally a 28-year-old would not find herself in a ‘coming-of-age’ situation but because of Rosie’s vulnerability and insecurity regarding her sexuality that is where she is. For me, the psychological novel feels different, it is layered and gives plenty of food for thought. There are complicated, perhaps even disturbed relationships causing a dramatic impact on young lives. Rosie is not easy to empathise with and sometimes even not likeable: you want to protect her and at the same time shake some sense into her. Because this is such an intriguing and different read, l was surprisingly captivated by this thriller with a twist.

About the Author

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Heleyne Hammersley was born in South Yorkshire but has lived in Cumbria for the last twenty years where she sometimes teaches English and often walks on the fells. She has been writing since junior school – her first work a collection of poems called Give Them The Works at the age of ten. Since then she’s gone on to complete a number of creative writing courses with the Open University and she is a regular NaNoWriMo participant. Heleyne Hammersley’s first novel is Forgotten‘ (May 2016).

Book Info

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 Paperback   242 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (28 Oct.  2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0995621241
 ISBN-13 978-0995621244


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