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Frailty – Betsy Reavley

Betsy Reavley’s Frailty is a devastating and emotional ride. The abduction of a young girl unleashes a whirl of emotions and spine-chilling events. 


I’m absolutely shattered to pieces. This is not what I want – not how it should end. Betsy Reavley has written a chilling and captivating psychological thriller that will haunt me tonight. How can I forget, how can I lose the imagines swirling around my horrified brain? Are you willing to take the risk, to jeopardise your peace of mind and read Bloodhound Books’ masterful author of suspense? Then follow me and let me tell you something about ‘Frailty’. 


A little girl is kept in a pitch-dark cellar-like prison and screams for her parents. The girl is Hope, Libby and Danny’s eight-year-old daughter. Libby thinks her daughter is late in coming back from the store at the end of the street, she has no idea Hope is abducted. Husband Danny is nowhere to be found, leaving Libby alone at home with their youngest daughter, three-year-old Grace.  When the police and Danny arrive the wheels of investigation are set in motion. Search parties are without any result: Hope is nowhere to be found. Little Hope is held prisoner and tries to picture happy moments to make herself less desperate.  To her horror, she discovers she is chained to a wall. For us, as readers, it is heart-breaking to witness the little girl’s agony. One day, Hope becomes aware of someone else sharing her prison: seven-year-old Zoe. The girls seek comfort with each other. Despite the chains, they can just reach each other’s hand. 

Meanwhile, Libby and Danny’s neighbourhood, such as Mike, father of Hope’s best friend Eva, support them as best they can. When the shopkeeper of the shop in question is picked up to be interviewed, Libby and Danny think the culprit has been captured and can reveal the whereabouts of Hope. Even the discovery of Hope’s shoe in his dustbin is not enough for the police to charge the shopkeeper with the abduction. We are with Hope again who is struggling to maintain positive in her captivity, if only for Zoe. Time is running out for the two little girls, it has been a month since Hope was last seen alive. Follow Libby and Danny during their struggle to keep it together, believing that one day Hope will be returned to them. It puts an enormous strain on their marriage and the relation with Grace, their parents and those in the neighbourhood. They have no idea of the horrifying events they have yet to face.

My Thoughts

The heartbreaking parts of the two girls, locked up in the dark were difficult to read. But what most impressed me was the chilling tale Betsy Reavley is telling us, how ‘normal’ people going about their daily chores, work, the kids to school, building on the future of a family, becomes completely disrupted because of a horrible kidnapping. Of course, the kidnapping will change the lives of the parents forever, but it’s the impact that it has on the family, on those that surround them and are somehow affected by what happened, that makes this expertly written thriller a fascinating read.

About the Author

Betsy Reavley Author Image

Betsy Reavley is a British author who spent her childhood in London, the Provence and Tuscany, Gloucestershire and Cambridgeshire. From a young age on she was interested in and showed a talent for writing and literature, particularly poetry. She met her husband in her early twenties when living in Oxford. Also in Oxford, she found her true calling: writing psychological thrillers. Her motto is: “I believe people are at their most fascinating when they are faced with the dark side of life. This is what I like to write about.” And writing about it she does! Her psychological novels are: Beneath the Watery Moon (Aug. 2014), Carrion (Nov. 2014), The Quiet Ones (Febr. 2016) and The Optician’s Wife (June 2016).

‘Frailty’  is also available as an audiobook. Click here for my review.

Book Info

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 Hardcover   220 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (15 Nov. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0995621209
 ISBN-13   978-0995621206

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