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To end the Coffin Maker blog tour with a bang we have a special GIVEAWAY!!! All you have to do is come up with Coffin Maker’s name …

Have you followed the Coffin Maker tour? The wonderful reviews, the insightful interviews? Coffin Maker – the Grim Reaper, the Angel of Death – who is he and to what purpose is he assigned the two apprentices, Hieronymus and Beezle? His Kingdom of Death was his alone for long. He considers himself to be the ‘Poet of Death’, his perfect sentence “I love them I hate them.”  Mark Fowler’s protagonist Coffin Maker has a unique character – but what was the first name the author had given him? Do you have any idea?

The author Mark Fowler says: “Coffin – and indeed his apprentices – seemed to capture the imagination of many readers straight away. One thing I did change, though, was the name, funnily enough. In the first draft Coffin actually had a first name. I think it could make a good competition question!”

This is where the GIVEAWAY comes in – tell us what the Coffin Maker’s first name is! Think about the possibilities and consider what would be a good name or come up with the most original answer and you can win an ebook of Coffin Maker! Whoever discovers the actual name Mark Fowler invented for his protagonist wins even more: a complete set of all three ebooks, written by the author! *Coffin Maker – *The Man Upstairs – *Silver!

To enter, all you have to do is write your answer in the comments below on my website’s post or on Bits about Books’ Facebook Page! The competition ends on Friday night at 00:00 (GMT) and the winner will be announced a few days later! Good luck everyone and I cannot wait to see your answers!

| The Blog Tour |

Coffin Maker - Mark Fowler - Blog Tour Poster

The Coffin Maker blog tour has ended. The first ever blog tour to organise for me – and the first blog tour for author Mark L. Fowler. It has been exciting and wonderful. The cooperation, the shares and retweets, the awesome bloggers who agreed to take part in the tour. You have made this tour a success and it was a pleasure having you as blog tour hosts.

A warm thank you to:

 Simon Leonard  Black Books Blog 
 Kath Middleton  Kath Middleton Books 
 Kelly Lacey  Love Books Group
 Susan Hampson  Books From Dusk Till Dawn
 Emma Mitchell  EmmaTheLittleBookworm
 Helen Claire  baattyaboutbooks
 Linda Hill  Linda’s Book Bag
 Chris Nolan

| The Blurb |

The Coffin Maker lives and works alone in the Kingdom of Death. When he completes a coffin a life on Earth ends. That’s how it’s always been. One day as Coffin sits writing in his journal, The History of Death, trying to sum it all up in one perfect sentence, a note sails past his window. Is he about to gain a glimpse of the elusive Divine Plan that has eluded him for centuries? Is life in the Kingdom of Death about to change forever? There are rumours that the devil is finally arriving in the guise of Colonel Gouge. Rumours started by a priest who has upset the Church by writing a book: Coffin Maker. A book written to comfort a bereaved nephew. A book that appears to prophesy not only the arrival of Gouge, but of the cataclysmic events about to unfold in the Kingdom of Death…

| About the Author |

Mark L. Fowler Author Image

Mark Fowler is a graduate in philosophy from Leicester University, who lives in Staffordshire, and is currently writing a follow-up to ‘Red Is The Colour’. When he is not writing he enjoys time with family and friends, watching TV and films, playing guitar/piano and going for long walks.  ‘Coffin Maker’ is the author’s 2014 debut, in which his interest for psychological thrillers, crime fiction and horror is combined. His other works are: ‘The Man Upstairs‘ (2015 – “my review) and ‘Silver’ (Bloodhound Books, 2016 – my review). Soon to be published with Bloodhound Books: ‘Red is the Colour‘ (July 2017).

| Book Info |

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 Paperback   284 pages
 Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing  Platform (24 Oct. 2015))
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1517778948
 ISBN-13  978-1517778941
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