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Granny with Benefits – Marilyn Bennett

When Grace’s grandmother dies, she dresses up as one herself. Little does she know that in doing so, a lovely pensioner falls for her – and his cousin Dale is .. a Hol according to Grace – Heaven on Legs!


Grace tries to feel what it is like to dress up as her deceased grandmother when suddenly, a visitor appears at her grandmother’s door. A man by the name of Dale comes to check out the place for his father. Before their conversation is over, Grace is drooling all over him and has renamed him HoL: Heaven on Legs!

Things get a bit complicated when HoL’s Uncle, Bob, falls head over heels in love with Grace… eh… Louise as her older self!


Grace has no idea that a chance meeting with an eligible bachelor will completely turn her head. And that when she is dressed up as her late granny! But, then again, this is the perfect disguise to ask him – his name is Dale but Grace prefers HoL (Heaven on Legs) for obvious reasons – all sorts of intimate questions she, being her own self, would never be able to pose.

A man with mummy issues so much is clear. Still, she is amazed at how different the conversation has been in her ‘nana garb’.

There is more: she has promised to HoL to come to a funeral – as Louise! At the funeral, not only HoL is present but also his father and his Uncle, Bob. Would you believe it if I tell you Bob, a widower, falls for Louise? And that another elderly woman is very jealous of her, I mean, Louise?

With her friends discovering (and disapproving of) what she is doing, Grace feels the need to explore her Louise role further; that she will see HoL on these occasions is a welcome plus. To top it all, as Louise she can advise him on matters of the heart and push him in her, Grace’s direction!

HoL has specific characteristics he would like to see in a girlfriend and every time Grace tries to engage him in talking about these things, she hits a wall. He likes Grace but at the same time, he senses there is something not right as she is not open about herself and her life. What is she hiding and for what reason?

Meanwhile, Uncle Bob is smitten with Grace’s alter ego Louise. As things get more complicated, Grace is bending over backwards to keep up her appearances and both her lives…

My Thoughts

What a lovely and entertaining book Granny with Benefits is! There is so much fun and sparkle in the story! I must say, I cannot understand Grace – although when you meet an HoL would you not do anything to keep him? – but I do like how the author describes her and her alter ego Louise. The choices Grace makes made me want to shout NOOO but well, she did it anyway.

As Louise, the older version of herself, she is charming and attractive but at the same time inquisitive and annoying, poking her nose in wherever and whenever she wants. The privilege of age? Grace has the tendency to complicate things – and life. As to HoL – Dale, frankly, I did not know what to think of him, well actually, I thought he needed to grow up! I loved Uncle Bob, what a charming fellow, devoted to his deceased wife and ready to again fall in love.

Do you want to know how this all ends? Read Granny with Benefits!

About the Author

Marilyn Bennett has worked in television production for over 20 years.  Working on all kinds of shows and with lots of great people, but three years ago she decided to take on a completely different path. Until now, her career has pretty much revolved around working on other people’s creative projects and now Marilyn felt the urge to find out her own capabilities.

As a child, she was quite the bookworm but her first trip to the cinema changed all of that and the magic of the small and large screen beckoned – she never looked back. So fast-forward a few decades, Marilyn decided to write and produce a short film about an elderly woman who ran a dating agency. This morphed into her debut novel, Granny with Benefits and its sequel, which will be published later this year.

Book Info

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 Pages  352
 Publisher  Matador; UK ed. edition (28 Nov. 2016)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781785898730
 ASIN (e-book)  B01N10W5NG

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  • Alison

    I love the title of this book! Great review, I’ll definitely check it out 🙂

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