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Grave Intent – A.M. Peacock

The long-awaited 2nd instalment in Adam Peacock’s Jack Lambert series is out now – what a fab follow-up to Open Grave! I love it and … wait for it … nah, I won’t tell. You HAVE to read this gripping, spine-chilling thriller for yourself!

DCI Jack Lambert #2


When a seemingly open-and-shut case turns out to be quite something different, Jack Lambert and his team find themselves confronted with the darker side of the North East – the vicious underworld. Will they cross paths with Jack’s former boss once again? Will Jack ever be free from his past, both in and outside the Police force?

The Jack Lambert Series
#1 Open Grave – review
#2 Grave Intent – getbookat/GraveIntent

My Thoughts

It was soo good to get back with Jack Lambert and his team, even if it means including the ever grumpy DI Jane Russell. I have yet to read a scene in which she smiles or even acts remotely friendly – why does he take this from his DI? She gets on his, my, hell everybody’s nerves, that’s for sure!

Jack again feels drawn back to his past, his shadier past. Here I was thinking … no, don’t do that again, the going-solo-thing, we’ve seen it, right? But jack just isn’t the guy to stick to rules and Adam Peacock knows how to spin it differently, this time. He also shows us a bit more insight into Jack’s personal life and – without saying too much – you can understand why he is so very reluctant to let people into his life.

As the robbery-gone-wrong was the first thing that happened, I obviously (!) knew and expected something dark and sinister behind it all – the author did a great job of nicely putting out some red herrings, of presenting facts with alway a shadow of a doubt as how to interpret these – facts are never just that in police procedurals! – and boy, what an intricate plot is woven.

Apart from the ‘usual’ appearances and involvements of Jack’s former boss Dorian the gangster, we are introduced to characters who must have something to do with the plot, obviously. I couldn’t imagine how – even when the plot thickens and the clouds slowly disappear, even when you think you see it coming yet, it is just that little bit more twisted than you’d imagine, which I crave for in a thriller!

I LOVE the setting of the series, as someone quite new to the area it’s such a pleasure to recognise some of the places, and also how the author cleverly weaves Newcastle’s history into the story – makes it feel all the more authentic.

Grave Intent is a gripping thriller that keeps you engaged as you try to solve the case – and follow Jack on his tormented path through life. Just when I thought I have seen this before in Open Grave, I know how this will go, the author blew me away with the ending! Wow. A certain promise for the next book in the series – bring it on!

About the Author

A.M. Peacock grew up in the North East of England before leaving to study for a degree in music technology at the University of Hull. A subsequent return to his hometown of South Shields saw him spend seven years as a teacher in a local college before changing careers to become a trade union official.

Having always been an avid reader, he took to writing after being encouraged to do so by his PGCE tutor. He has since gone on to produce a number of short stories, winning the Writers’ Forum Magazine competition on two occasions, as well as producing articles for both the local press and a university magazine. 

A.M. Peacock is passionate about crime fiction and his debut novel, Open Grave, is the first in what he hopes will become a series of DCI Jack Lambert books.

Away from writing, A.M. Peacock enjoys watching films, playing guitar and can often be found pavement pounding in preparation for the odd half marathon. 

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Book Info

‘Grave Intent’ is available at Amazon

PublisherBloodhound Books (3 July 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9781912986446
ASIN (ebook)B07TKD777J

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